An Expert-Talk Why LGSF is The Best Option for Low Cost Housing


Building Material Reporter's Editor Sandeep Lathhwal had a detailed chat with Shahid Badshah, Business Head of Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd. on the advantages of Light Gauge Steel Frame Technology. In this episode of 'Expert Talk' we shall take a detailed look into the advantages LGSF technology offers over conventional methods. 

How Is LGSF Technology Different from Conventional Technology?

Mr. Shahid Badshah said that conventional technology is essentially 'wet' which has certain constraints. On the other hand LGSF technology involves pre fabricating material using CAD-CAM and putting it up at the site, the process is almost entirely 'dry'. This saves time. While conventional techniques suffer from time, weather and design constraints, LGSF offer a faster, flexible solution, you just ship your prefabs to the site and assemble it. The technology is also greener and cleaner. As everything is pre calculated there is little chance of cost overruns. LGSF maximizes speed and minimizes wastage and ensures optimal cost benefits.


The Services on Offer

Mr. Shahid Badshah said that Mitsumi offers customized solutions across the board. It includes but not limited to economical housing, high value housing, multi storied mass housing projects, labour accommodations, vertical and horizontal extensions, dry walling, large or small commercial projects, Warehouses, institutional projects like schools and hospitals etc. Mr. Badshah stressed on the utility of LGSF in hybrid projects too. Mr. Badshah said that LGSF technology can be crucial game changer as India aims to add to its infrastructures at a rapid pace. The 'intelligent' LGSF will emerge as the go to technology for highly trained architects, designers and planners.

What Elements Do You Add on to Your Modular Houses and Premises?

Mr. Shahid Badshah explained that Mitsumi Housing operates across many verticals, including one that looks after government's mass housing projects, huge projects essentially, to be delivered in a tight schedule. Irrespective of the size of the project Mitsumi ensures that every client gets individual attention and personalized solution, right from pre design to final delivery. Mitsumi works in close cooperation with an ever growing list of turnkey solution providers to ensure a rich and satisfying experience for the customer. The company strives to promote the advantages of LGSF technology.

advantages LGSF

How Are You Transforming India with Your Technology?

Mr. Badshah said that India is a young, rapidly growing country. Both the government and private sector is seeing fast growth. We have to look at certain modalities, speed, tight deadlines, growing scarcity of natural resources like sand and stones. Besides the huge geographical variety India offers is a challenge too. The eastern areas see heavy rainfall, some are earthquake prone, northern areas sees extreme cold weather, and the southern and western coastal belts have high salinity that provides a different set of challenge. With experience we have seen that LGSF offers a one-size-fits-all type of solution. It is extremely flexible and durable. As people become more aware of tech advancements LGSF will replace conventional civil construction in many areas. LGSF is an emerging technology and even the Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi took note of it as a clean, green and emerging technology in one of his speeches.

Talk Us Through the Cost of a Dream Home and the Installation Process

Mr. Shahid Badshah of Mitsumi housing elaborated – everyone has a dream house in their mind. We have dream houses in our catalogs, along with pricing and other details. We take into account several factors, like budget, structural strength etc. Structural strength has to remain constant, but cosmetic additions will decide final cost. With a few local changes the dream houses start at around Rs 1200 per sq ft. Initially Mitsumi was not providing moving furniture, but we will soon be offering customized moving furniture for our clients. Very soon the proud home owner will have to just bring in their clothes and certain small accessories. We are moving towards a turnkey solution very rapidly.

advantages LGSF technology

To Round Off Please Tell Us How Mitsumi Housing Is Contributing to Pm Modi Ji's Dream Project 'Housing for All' (PMAY) and Future Plans

Mr. Shahid Badshah spoke in glowing terms about PM Modi's vision of a house for all. He said that Mitsumi has taken several measures to ensure that the projects remain cost effective, approachable, and accessible, have high safety standards etc. Mitsumi has a R&D team and lab and they are constantly looking at different materials that can be used with LGSF and would enhance structural stability while bringing down cost. We have developed CAD-CAM based design solutions for every conceivable application, just to keep our focus aligned with the vision of our hon'ble PM Mr. Narendra Modi and be a partner in the country's progress. A readymade solution or design cuts time and cost. We just need to customize the design for the end user.  We ensure that each one of our design is compliant to laid down norms and procedures, and in these small ways we hope to extend support to our beloved PM Modi Ji's  vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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