Focusing On Indoor Air Quality For Balance Life


Oxygen which we breathe and Carbon dioxide which we exhale is the basic survival of the human being. In Vedas, it is mentioned that one should have a good time in the forest to refresh the energy system of the body.

In the Modern era, we are living in a closed environment small houses, apartments, offices, cars, cabins, airports, etc. Where we have limited provision of the flow of fresh air through the duct system and we breathe the air which is circulating inside the room. 

As per WHO study that indoor pollution is 5 times higher than outdoor this is the study conducted by them and analyzed where people are still not aware of that as Air is a universal element which is freely available but another fact is that we can live 1 day without food, 1day without water but we can't survive for 2 mins if you don't get fresh air. 

A few years back when anyone was sick, a doctor advised the patient to visit the Hill station where you will have a change in the fresh air, No pollution Zone, Stress-free living, etc. The reason is to inhale the fresh air inside which will increase the life span of the organs. Our human body architect needs fresh or clean air to breathe else we have an infection viz.

Fact of Life is that we spend 90 % of our time inside and all indoor air is artificial in nature which is circulating inside the four walls. If we have more people then we must face the issue of suffocation which creates more health issues. The bad news is indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outside as per the studies done by WHO. Since Air Pollution on this planet is increasing year after year because of the various reasons we have to take the right steps to have a healthy life we have to think for the cleaning solution especially for Indoor Pollution which can be one of the sources of Fresh Air.

The good news is that we can manage the quality of the air we breathe indoors which can remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants and reduce the health effects associated with breathing poor indoor air. In Air we have Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Mold, VOC's, Pet Danders and we monitor PM levels @2.5 thru the Indoor Air Quality Monitor but in future we will measure PM 1 Levels to get more purified air thru these machines as that is the new benchmark for clean air which is recommended for Mankind. There is a growing threat of Air Pollution which needs to be tackled smartly so that we can add minutes, weeks, months may be even years to every one's Life. Just imagine breathing better indoor air can do for allergy and asthma sufferers for those who have respiratory problems.

Will it help in my health?

To reduce adverse health effects related to indoor air pollution is to control or remove contaminants at the source. We can easily reduce allergy, asthma and other respiratory health risks and improve our overall well- being.

Filter Technology

Suggest, that we should help people to take charge of their health and wellbeing and that of their family, friends, relatives by creating awareness about indoor air pollution and how we can take the corrective steps. This will give the long-lasting Advantages for our health if we breath in good condition else no use of the system which is not effective and lead to some other problems.

Happy Breathing

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