WOODINNOVATIONS Door Industry - Whats New, Whats Next?


Canadian Wood Presents a Webinar on 
Door Industry - Whats New, Whats Next? 

The webinar will focus on showcasing benchmark door solutions by reputed manufacturers and highlight noteworthy integration of Canadian Wood species in  their product lines.

Mumbai, 16th July 2021: Canadian Wood has been known for conducting a series of webinars on various topics of interest and relevance to the Indian woodworking industry. 

Keeping up with the tradition, its upcoming webinar will host knowledge driven sessions by reputed names from Indian door manufacturing industry viz., T R Krishna Murthy (E Door Solutions - Hyderabad) Jitendra Goyal (Dormak Interio - Jaipur) and Capt. Edwin Saldanha (Doors & Doors Systems - Mumbai). 

The Sessions Will Highlight: 

  • Trends, innovation and creativity in door manufacturing  
  • An impressive door range that includes prehung, fire retardant, custom-made styles and more. 
  • Best practices in and effective use of Canadian Wood species for solid wood door manufacturing

Registrations for the webinar are now open. Click on the link below to reserve your spot and be a part of this enriching experience.
Day & Date: Monday, 19th July 2021
Time: 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM
Contact: +91 22 492211600

Know more about Canadian Wood and its ready-to-use, sized, graded, seasoned and certified lumber from sustainably managed forests in B.C. Canada. Click here - www.canadianwood.in

For additional inquiries, please contact: 
Saritha Shivshankar - saritha.shivshankar@canadianwood.in 
Nidhi Jobanputra Amin - nidhi.jobanputra@adfactorspr.com 
Monikarjun Dutta - monikarjun.dutta@adfactorspr.com 

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