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Sukesh Singh, Editor of BMR had a detailed interaction with Shri Munna Bhawani, Owner Jai Bhawani Construction, Chhapra, Bihar for Building Material Reporter's shows 'Baat Bazaar Ki'. 

Munna Bhawani established the Jai Bhawani Construction Co. was established in 1989. He said that customer satisfaction remained the corner stone of his success. Bhawani spoke at length about the inventory at his company outlet, including cement, iron bars and other related materials. 

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Bhawani spoke at length on how the pandemic has affected the market, There is a  and supply bottleneck, projects have suffered and so has fabricators and workers. However he was hopeful that with increased awareness and adherence to Covid norms, the pandemic would be controlled and the economy would bounce back once again.

Elaborating on changing user awareness Munna Bhawani explained how discerning customers are increasingly opting for wall putty and primers before painting of their premises and how it adds to the health of the building. 

Explaining the synergy between manufacturers and traders, Bhawani said that the popularity of a product depends a lot on the trader and their after sales service and how the industry acknowledges this through continued incentives. He said that this was a symbiotic relationship. 

Bhawani said that among the challenges facing the sector is an immediate need to educate the end user on how to choose a product according to their needs. Trained manpower is the keyword. 

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Munna Bhawani spoke about how the customer is often misled by the fabricator, mostly unwittingly. He stressed on a few parameters to look for while choosing TMT bars and cement. Choosing a leading brand is important and choosing a product should be linked to its end application.

Bhawani said that there were few architects or builders operating in Chhapra and masons dominated the scene. He stressed on the need to educate the end user on the value an architect or engineer could add to their dream project. 

Munna Bhawani said that companies periodically organised meets for engineers, contractors and masons, however, due to the gap in educational qualification the trainers are not always able to get their point of view across to the masons.

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Recognizing the crucial role automation has provided in the construction industry, Bhawani explained how usage of machines for painting, mixing aggregate, concrete making machines have increased product efficiency and brought down costs. 

Speaking on the challenges in the industry, Bhawani said that while customers were very conscious about cement and iron rods, there is little uniformity in quality of stone chips, sand and bricks. He was of the opinion that these materials should be standardized to ensure that dream home does not ends up being a nightmare. He emphasized on the need for highly trained and skilled workforce in the industry to offer more quality and value for money for the end user.

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