Northern People Have a Higher Desire To Spend On Construction: Rohit Sehgal, La Casa D'ecor, Panchkula


BMR: When and how you entered this business? Kindly share your journey so far.

I entered this industry in 1991 as an employee of a well-known company in their marketing and sales department. After switching to another job, from 2002-2017 I got into a partnership and started our business in the tile and sanitary ware items.

Recently, I have started my own venture, La Casa Décor in Panchkula. My journey from being an employee, to a partner and finally having my own enterprise has been very fulfilling. The freedom to grow has been exhilarating.

 Ganpati Marketing Chandigarh

BMR: Which are the brands you deal with? How companies are upgrading themselves in terms of display and products presentation?

We deal with various Indian and international brands. In sanitary ware, we deal with extremely exclusive brands like Hansgrohe and Axor which are at the top of their game. Duravit, GSI, Victoria Albert, Tece, Mr. Steam and Giacomini pipes are other international brands for bathroom fittings, wellness and piping that we're associated with.

When it comes to our tile assortment, we offer a diversified range of products ranging from Indian to Italian. Other than Nexion which is our renowned Italian brand, we deal with a diverse tiles and wooden flooring collection namely, Novawood, Mikasa, Trysquare, Biopetra and many more. We also have joined hands with various luxury designers like Roberto Cavalli, JJ Valaya, Abraham and Thakore and others.
To answer your second question, I find that companies have started upgrading themselves by spending money and giving importance to marketing and most importantly sharing costs with retailers to display their products.

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BMR: Does a brand really add value to your business? If yes, how? Please elaborate.

Yes, I feel brand really does add value to one's business and definitely elevates your standing and market share. Branding and Quality are parallel to each other. Therefore, once you are dealing with a well-known brand, you naturally associated with providing a top grade product and client would worry less about things like the product's worth and durability.

BMR: How is your market after lockdown? How much time market will take to revive according to you?

The lockdown period was surely uncertain for every business and industry but gradually, things have started improving and slowly the market is picking up. Predicting full revival of the market is surely difficult but we are hopeful that the situation will be back to normal in another 6 months to a year- wholly depending on the pandemic's trajectory.

BMR: How do you see the sales growth in branded materials in future?

Sales growth for branded products has always thrived and even in the future it will prosper, especially in the Northern belt people have purchasing power and the desire to spend on construction. Like I said before people associate brands with top notch quality and durability, hence there are less questions on the products worth and sustainability when they are of a well known brand.

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BMR: How do you see the customer behaviour changing in the post-Covid era?

I think customer behaviour would only become more dependent on people providing them complete services so that their own movement is restricted. Reliability on solely builders and architects is what I think we have, and will see in future.

BMR: Any suggestions for brands to improve their marketing strategies and services keeping current situation in mind?

I think in the construction industry, companies would need to work more with social media to increase their reach. This will not only enhance their reach, but extend promotion of their products in the architect's network will surely be the new trend keeping the current scenario in mind. The whole world is going online, so all the brands need to take advantage of that while reassuring their customers about their functioning considering the state of affairs.

BMR: Retail experience is changing with wholesalers are also coming with their own retail showrooms. Do you see the competition in future?

Competition has been there since ever. But ultimately if you are focused on what you want to do and provide not only a diverse range of products services as well, you are good to go. Exclusivity and a personal touch always gives an edge, and that is something that helps me. Understanding the client's needs and trying to materialise their vision is our focus. Don't sell, provide an experience is the motto.

Rohit Sehgal Chandigarh

BMR: Which product do you think will grow in future or we'll see other alternative products in the market?

High-end products, both in the faucet and tile industry have a great scope of growth worldwide. I feel the lockdown has really given due importance to having a home and this feeling is something that would help these products bloom to great extent.

BMR: What is your success mantra and advice to the people who are new or planning to come into building products & materials business? How they will sustain here.

The most important value for me would be focus. If you are focused on your work, nothing can deter you from success. Another principle would be fair dealing. Almost everybody can spot a sincere person, and if you are honest to people, there is no reason for you to fail because In the end, business comes from people and their network. Therefore, staying focused, fair play, adding a personal touch and providing quality products is what I believe in and would suggest.

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