Simpolo Tiles: Adding A Dose of Poetic Charm To Homes


It is often said that Simplo dictates styles more than making tiles. Simpolo adds poetry to your house. On a more mundane note, their design and material would keep your home looking contemporary and remain maintenance and worry-free for years. 

Showcasing and selling the Simplo dream in Dhule is Viraj Ceramics. The sprawling 4000sq ft gallery is functional yet poetry in motion; as you walk along with the tastefully displayed collection, which is very much everything that the Simpolo range offers, you shall probably appreciate the effort, taste and choice of Bharat Aghara, CMO of Simpolo. 

Shri Aghara has brought out an innovative QR code-based mock-up for the end customer. It will give the customer a complete feel of his place in a particular tile or texture. You would instantly know how your lobby, living room, bathroom or foyer is going to look, clad in the tile or surface of your choice. Getting the feel of a place by looking at a single tile is almost always difficult, and the user would appreciate this effort.  

Viraj Ceramics

The mock-ups and displays portray a real-life scenario, and architect Avinash Bhavsar was appreciative of the effort put into customer engagement by Simpolo. He was confident that Simpolo has probably come up with one of the best interactive galleries in the state. 

Amey Mundada, a real estate developer from Dhule, was effusive in his praise. He said that the material on offer from Simpolo is highly durable, conforms to the latest international style trends and is very economical. He was so impressed by the Italian marble finish tiles of Simpolo that he claims to have used over 5 lakh square feet of the material in his sites even during the pandemic. He smiles as he says he is still waiting for his first complaint about Simpolo’s tiles. 

Architect Kalpesh Lodha was pleased about the product and style innovation of Simoplo. He said the interactive software has made his and his client’s life easier. 

Engineer Hemant Isai spoke about the wide variety of choices Simpolo offered, that too in an economical range. Especially in kitchen slabs, Simpolo has done away with the concept of a limited range of stones and products. Simpolo has simply replaced the idea of a limited range in any given application. 

Viraj Ceramics in Dhule

Engineer Sangram Limaya and architect Yogesh Thakare was happy that Simpolo has made such an effort in Dhule. They felt the gallery in Dhule would be a deal clincher for Simpolo. 

Vinod Bhansali of Viraj Ceramics said that he knew that Simpolo’s products would be a hit the very first time he laid his eyes on the range. Swapnil Bhansali said that Simpolo has products in every range available under one roof at Viraj Ceramics. He said that the new 400 sq ft addition to the existing gallery makes it a display area of 10,000 sq ft, the biggest in North Maharashtra. He insisted that Viraj Ceramics would stick to its parameters of wide range and quick delivery.

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