The Secrets of Becoming a Successful Bath Dealer


'There are many things and happenings that make Faridabad a unique place in terms of business growth'

Says Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, MD of Yours Bath Gallery
Tiles, Bathroom Accessories & Sanitary ware are very essential products like others that we buy for our needs.
Yours Bath Gallery is a leading destination for architects as well as end consumers in Faridabad. The showroom is much attractive showcasing numerous luxury items in the segment of building material industry. Building Material Reporter (BMR) in a 'Face to Face' interaction with Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, MD of Yours Bath Gallery - one of the prominent dealers in this segment in the region shared about his experiences and learning in his five years of career in this business. He also talked about the Faridabad building products market and its future prospects. Amit Kumar Singh is a young businessman who has graduated from Australia.

How long have you been in this business and how did you get inspired to venture into this business?

In the retail segment, I have been in for five years as of now, and my journey has really begun at home. It is an interesting story that when I came back home after completing my study in Australia, my home was under the process of renovation. I being deeply involved in the procurement of materials for the construction and finishing of my home, I got associated with lots of people in this sector. Their dedication towards serving the industry and knowledge about construction and finishing materials inspired me a lot. Secondly, I observed that Tiles, Bathroom Accessories & Sanitary ware are very essential products like others that we buy for our needs. What attracted me most is its aesthetics and dynamism. The product is so dynamic that give us something new on daily basis, so I thought to start its retailing and the journey started with a long-term vision to facilitate our customers with a one-stop solution for all their needs.


Who supported you and what challenges you had to face in the beginning for achieving success in this journey?

I took support from my father. He has a lot of knowledge about the products and their uses with perfection despite that he does not belongs to this industry. Actually, he has the credit to built three homes in his life till date that has given him an understanding. Before coming into this business I researched a lot about the business, product procurement, customers' interests, business models, and ethics under the guidance of my father. Succeeding in the journey I learned a lot in short period of five years with numerous ups and downs and several other challenges that came to us.

Currently how many brands you are associated or dealing with? Tell us about a few leading brands and their offerings?

In the retail segment, I have been dealing with several Indian as well as overseas brands. In premium and luxury bathroom segments - there is a brand PORCELANOSA Group (a well-known group from Spain) for bathroom fittings. Besides, we are also associated with GROHE, VitrA Bathrooms etc. In Indian brand, it is CERA and local brands also like Mozio Ceramics, Sternhagen (which is also a very boutique and exclusive brand). I don't say there is a priority for a brand because all are alike. My effort is to maintain their brand image and prove ourselves to their expectations.

Where Noken is available in India and in which region it has a better presence?

It is well placed in Delhi NCR. In Western and Southern regions we are doing very well. Besides, every metro cities in the country has a good presence and its response is also good everywhere.

Being associated with a brand, how channel partners get benefitted, and vice versa how brands are benefitted with channel partners like you?

It's a mutual benefited relationship to channel partners and brands. The dealers get benefited in a way that you get confidence in presenting anything which is branded, because there is aesthetic value and service benefit and the certification of their products - that is very much required to satisfy a customer. For example, when we say that a particular product will last longer to five years that actually lasts that long, and this confidence comes up or built only with brands. Secondly, the dealer has its own reach and the brand presence makes its own impact, so it goes on like a chain and supports each other in a better manner. So, if you are associated with a brand your loyalty must be there with that particular brand.

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How the Faridabad market is for Bathroom fittings, like more of customers are either end users or the market is having architect demand driven?

The demand is driven by both types of customers - end users as well as architects. I wouldn't say that Faridabad is a mysterious market but one can find varied range of customers from low to high end users, projects and all. For example Greater Faridabad is now developing at very rapid pace, thanks to builders there, so a number of projects are pushing up the demand. They require material in bulk. Besides, the architects influence is also good in this region in housing sector. Today when people plan for a house, the first thing comes to their mind is who is to contact first, so architects presence matters a lot.

You have a very beautiful showroom. I would compare the customers' footfall, trend, their behavior for making purchase decision now and pre-covid era, what differences you observe?

The footfall has dropped to nearly 50% after opening lockdown, but now it is increasing in good pace. Initially people were postponing their decisions for making or renovating a home, so the markets were observing a setback in that period. Their priorities were only essential things and save their money for future use and livings. The situation is gradually improving with decreasing COVID cases and gradually opening the markets everywhere.

What is the USP of 'YOURS BATH GALLERY' and what is your future plans?

My priority is to offer excellent service to our valued customers. When I started journey in this business I had observed that everybody had one issue in common and many leading players also recommended me to focus on it otherwise end up like many others. That part was 'after sales service to customers'. Generally companies offer after sales service, but I gone through one step ahead and hired pro-technicians at our end that work under me. I personally feel that with this support our clients and customers are very happy because their issues and queries are being resolved without any hassle. I am sure the brands also do it but to be safer side I not only sell products but cater services as well with the help of our own technicians. This is the new thing I have developed or upgraded to retail business in this sector in past three years. My vision is to offer one stop solution for home whether it is interior or exterior.

As your said that after sales service is your prime focus. But, please tell me that which brand or brands you see is/are bests in terms of quality and service?

I have gone through a number of brands but I would like to say that jaquar is one of the beset in terms of services. Although, I didn't do it, but I think that other brands have learned a lot from them and developed the same service quality. Later VitrA is a brand which is good in terms of service and quality both. In past five years I never had any issue with VitrA. Apart from that Noken has very good team of technicians which cater everything from small spare parts to big issues very comfortably.

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What are the new innovations you are observing in their offerings?

Basically, in this trade and product offerings lot of technology and electronic things are coming up. People are very fascinating with them and they love to know that just in a click of a button shower is pouring. That are good feature but, the other side you have to see that these technology or the electronic gadgets blend with it are not being disrupted from water. They are not delicate; they are very rough used like in basin, shower, etc. I would like to say that they should not be driven like an electronic gadget, but they are to be considered as very essential products.

How much potential you see in Faridabad for such products which are supported with technology and electronics? And from where you see the revenue generation is good from them?

It has a huge potential. I observe that from both retail as well as projects revenue will come in good manner, because the architects play a vital role in making a home these days especially in Greater Faridabad. And if we talk about residential scope, it is always there and will be in future as well. If we see the history of Faridabad, it has always been an industrial place, so over here what we called employment or employees are laying a lot. But, gradually in terms of location in place, I am taking about Delhi NCR, this place is very good and people have started to live here as well. It can give revenue more than that much of Gurgaon.

I see it in the way that Gurgaon has developed in past seven/eight years, Faridabad should have been developed. There is a shift in development of the region and there are many reasons behind it. Now development is going on in Faridabad as well like the peripheral road is giving connectivity between Grater Faridabad and Greater Noida directly. Few years before Mathura Road have been re-built in a better way. So, there are many things and happenings that make Faridabad a unique place in terms of business growth. So, Faridabad itself as well as the building material sector in this region has bright future.

What would you like to suggest young aspirants who are willing to come to this business?

I would say whatever you like to do, do your homework thoroughly. Particularly in this industry, this is a must have quality for new aspirants, because this industry does not have any boundaries. It has a wide reach as I am in Faridabad but I can supply to Kolkata also. This is a business that moves on with personal relations and brand reach. Being localized in terms of observing prospects in the business will lead you to a certain extent but that attitude will not be beneficial in long term.

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