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Research in Architecture: Way of Examining Details

    Writing acts as transmission in an articulated way composed of various expressions to relate to the reader. Architecture is a profession of crafting new ideas and experimenting with them considering the future possibilities and well-being of the people. Architects have different methods of experimenting with some sketches, drafting,…

  • Posted by: Priyanshi Shah on November 18, 2022
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Social Media’s Impact on Architectural Creativity: Both Positive & Negative

    Impact of social media on all fields has risen, lately. This is visible in the rising number of users, along with the rise in the number of apps that help us connect with others around the world. Social media’s impact on Architecture/Architects especially has been phenomenal. Today, there…

  • Posted by: Karan Mutha on November 11, 2022
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Connections: Soulful Architectural Spaces

Imaginations and visuals create a narrative for a designer to convey experiences and learnings to society. Connections are an integral part of human nature, as we tend to relate to our surroundings. Spaces are living experiences when it's been used and one can emerge from them holding to that peculiar…

  • Posted by: Priyanshi Shah on October 12, 2022