Hard Work Pays Off- Nahar Singh's Story Profs It

Editor of Building Material Reporter, Sandeep Lathhwal spoke to eminent contractor Nahar Singh of Delhi, who has vast expertise in stone works, for BMR’s latest show ‘Voice of the Contractor’. He is involved with stone based construction for well over three decades, and is considered a subject authority of his field. 

Shri Nahar Singh has risen from a stone mason to a leading light of his field by dint of his hard work, dedication and determination. Today Shri Singh is the proud owner of Oswal Associates and heads a 250 strong team. 

Recalling his eventful journey, Shri Singh told BMR that how he had come to Delhi with his father aged just 14 and started working for a contractor. He described how he started off as a helper for a daily wage of fifteen rupees. He had to give up his studies due to financial constraints. After interning as a helper for close to three and a half years he taught himself to be a stone mason. He continued work as a stone mason for two and a half years. After that he started off his journey as a contractor, with a staff of four. Shri Nahar Singh treats his work as worship, this diligence and dedication has brought success and he slowly established himself. 

Even after all these years Shri Singh prefers residential projects due to the high level of intricate craftsmanship it involves. He has diversified into large projects like office and commercial complexes too, but residential projects remain his first love. 

Shri Singh has expanded his base from Delhi NCR to Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Raipur (MP), and West Bengal.

To a question on the role of stone adhesives Shri Singh was very positive about how specialized stone adhesives have had a very positive impact on stone based construction. He said that although it is slightly costly, it offers lots of benefits, like being waterproof, providing a strong fix, requiring little time to cure and has a long life with little maintenance involved. 

Shri Singh spoke in glowing terms about the efficacy of stone adhesives and chemicals from Marmo Solutions and its Director Ashish Bhasin’s untiring efforts to continuously improve his products and services, working in close cooperation with end users. 

Shri Singh explained how adhesives offer an extra layer of protection and adds years to the life of a design and actually cuts down on maintenance cost. When Sandeep Lathhwal of BMR asked for his expert advice on choosing the right material for indoor and outdoor usage, Shri Singh was of the opinion that Italian marbles are a good choice for indoor applications. Italian marbles are not ideal for outdoor applications due to the extreme weather conditions of our country, granite is a better choice.

Shri Singh opined that not using shoes inside your homes would add years of life to your floor. Sounding a word of caution for masons, Shri Nahar Singh emphasised on maintaining safety standards and ensuring minimum wastage.

Shri Singh concluded the interview with a word of caution to aspiring contactors, be faithful to your work, add value to your client and never ever take up projects where you will not be able to give your 100%.