Matrimandir, Auroville
Matrimandir, Auroville


Designed by French Architect Roger Anger, Matrimandir, literally means ‘the dwelling place of the Mother’. It is situated in the heart of a universal city- Auroville, about 12 kilometers from Pondicherry in India.

Matrimandir is one of the initial applications of the geodesic dome structure in India.

This dome refers to a spherical or partially-spherical shaped structure, the framework of which is made up of several solid triangular elements which is constructed from various materials such as timber, steel, or cement.

The meditation chamber inside is dodecagonal in plan and has a conical roof. Its walls are cladded in white marble and the floor is covered with white carpet.

The super structure is supported by four pairs which are the principal load-bearing components. These piers symbolize strength, wisdom, harmony and perfection.


The Matrimandir Gardens is divided into 12 individually named parks such as “Harmony”, “Bliss”, “Perfection” each with their variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees.