Ayna Burir Adar: Thoughtful Making of Space
Ayna Burir Adar: Thoughtful Making of Space

Ayna Burir Adar is a beautiful and spacious residential building project.

It’s located in a modest residential neighbourhood in the Natore district of Rajshahi Division located in northern Bangladesh.

“Ayna Burir Adar” means Jungle of the old woman Ayna.

It’s spread over an area of 3400-sqft.

It has 6 bedrooms with attached washrooms, balconies, living space, family living, dining space, kitchen, storeroom, study room, and terraces.

The architects were inspired by the lush surroundings of the site to select a colour and texture palette that would draw attention to the building without overwhelming the peaceful setting.


The client was precise in that they wanted to have clear access to the ground as they were rebuilding their home to look like the previous one that had been here earlier.