About Building Material Reporter [BMR]

BMR stands to become India's fastest video news generator for building products, design, construction, and architecture and provides curated, up-to-date content that has an artistic and visual appeal.

The Building Material Reporter platform was developed with pragmatic thinking and is focused on the innovators, latest techniques, manufacture, management, and market of the building construction, products, and materials business. Our main focus areas include research, content curation, trust-building, and audience engagement. We are an art, design, and architecture magazine based in Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad exploring various projects, brands, and innovations worldwide.

We are committed to bringing current updates for products and material's, Design, Trending styles, and applications to Channels, Manufacturing, and Users (Architects & Designers). Our platform enables the exchange of design processes, academic methods, ideas, and entities in the context of architecture and design. With this in mind, we are always searching for people willing to share their opinions and voices on relevant topics.

Our vision is to create & disseminate content focused on the latest and real-time news, specialized curated content, and market-related updates; acting as a bridge to CONNECT and BUILD relationships between buyers, and suppliers to make them GROW with their buying decisions. In the future, our emphasis will be to stream 24x7 live media for the building & construction industry with the information that influences and impacts the industry, and its future, and people.

Target Audience We work on the principle to "Serve the Industry and its People", this approach motivates us to work continuously towards our goals.

Our goal is to serve the industry and its people in a broader way; we want to be considered a Trusted Voice, and reference for buying decisions for the masses, through our video content. Influencers, Channel Partners, Industry Leaders, and final Consumers should check our video reviews before advocating, launching, stocking, and buying anything related to the building products and materials that should be our content depth.

Our core audience is Architects, Designers, Builders, Specifiers, Product Designers, Influencers, Government bodies, Channels, Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Celebrities, MEP Consultant, Specifiers, Product Consultant, Modern Retail Outlet, Govt. officials, Specialist, PMCs, Project Managers for Hospitality, health care, Commercial, OEM’s, Importer & exporters and many more.