Largest Tiles Showroom in Ratia - Simpolo Gallery

Mr Vinod Kasana Sr.Regional Sales Manager, Simpolo, takes us on a tour of the new 2000-square feet Ratia Simpolo Gallery from where you can get complete solutions for your needs of all kinds, right under one roof. From bathroom tiles to tiles for facades to tiles for front elevation to tiles for exteriors…you name it and you will get tiles from the renowned brand here with different surfaces like anti-bacterial surface and anti-scratch surfaces. Mr Kasana signs off, saying Simpolo doesn’t make tiles, it makes style.


Sales Manager : Mr Vinod Kasana

Brand Name: Simpolo Ceramics

City Name :- Ratia


Simpolo Gallery

Simpolo Ceramics

Simpolo Gallery in Ratia

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Bathroom tiles in Ratia

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