Merino introduces the BIM Catalogue for Architects and Interior designers in India


Merino, India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure decorative laminates, is delighted to introduce the first-ever BIM catalogue that enables Architects and Interior designers to incorporate customised laminate designs into their 2D/3D projects.

Merino Laminates has always been a forerunner in bringing-in innovations to the industry. The AID community in India will experience 400+ laminate designs through the Merino BIM catalogue. This industry-first solution would allow the architect and designers to easily access the visual characteristics like colour and design of the laminates.  Thus, the Merino BIM catalogue would facilitate an opportunity for the AID community to work more effectively and efficiently on the designs. 

The brand has designed an easy and instinctual process to help the AID community access files through its interface:

Select the desired design category – Choose any of the multiple design categories from the range of Merinolam laminates.
Choose the desired file type - Merino BIM Library will provide Revit and SketchUp material libraries.
Download and use in your 2D/3D projects - Register and download the BIM file, import the material library into the software, and apply the required design.

On introducing another industry-first solution, Mr. Madhusudan Lohia, Director, Merino Industries Ltd. said, “As a brand, we look forward to connecting with the Architects and Interior Designers and have always taken an extra step in introducing something that is innovative, unique, and useful for the industry. With the latest BIM catalogue, Merino is carving a path for the laminate industry to embrace technologically advanced solutions that will eventually help the industry grow. Merino is a brand that has been built on quality and we have a never-ending thrust to provide innovative solutions in the times to come.”

As a brand, Merino has experienced an extraordinary tale of evolution since its inception, and is now embracing the younger generation’s path toward future design trends for the country, and the community. 

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