Dash Square Unveils Luxury Laundry Design Theme with Minimalist Look by Scavolini


Dash Square has been a leader in the luxury furniture industry, not only in Bengaluru but throughout India. The inclusion of Scavolini's esteemed luxury garage and laundry setups available at Dash Square elevates the allure of their offerings, providing clientele unparalleled sophistication and grandeur. The concept aims to provide homeowners with a seamless, stylish, and highly functional solution for their laundry and garage needs.


Understanding the unique demands of a garage environment, durable and moisture-resistant materials have been used for the laundry space. From stainless steel to quartz and laminate, the choice of materials guarantees longevity and resilience against the elements.



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Storage is a key focus. The installation of modular cabinets allows homeowners to customize their storage solutions, fitting any space and meeting all storage needs. Additionally, high-quality, adjustable shelving units provide ample space for detergents, tools, and other supplies, ensuring everything is within reach and well-organized.



To further enhance functionality, there are multi-compartment laundry sorters. These sorters enable pre-sorting of clothes by color or fabric type, streamlining the laundry process and saving valuable time.


A cohesive color scheme in design trends has been chosen that seamlessly ties the laundry and garage areas together. Neutrals dominate the palette, creating a calm and sophisticated environment. Indoor plants are incorporated to add a touch of nature, improving air quality and adding a fresh, vibrant feel to the space.



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The set is designed with ergonomics in mind. Appliances and work surfaces are positioned at comfortable heights to reduce strain and improve efficiency. A utility sink is also included, providing a convenient spot for handwashing and pre-treating stains.


About the Brand


Dash Square began its journey in 2001 under their flagship brand "Looking Good Furniture", which is one of the pioneers in introducing affordable luxury furniture in South India. Dash Square took on the heritage of Looking Good Furniture and built on it to create a brand that brings ultra-modern yet classically designed furniture, upholstery, artefacts and home decor concepts. For over two decades and counting, Dash Square has been a pioneer in the luxury furniture space not only in Bengaluru but also in India. They have strived hard and been persistent in their efforts to become a household brand and a one-stop solution for one’s furniture requirements.


Dash Square offers India the best in furniture and design and the latest models as soon as they are released internationally. They have the broadest range of furniture, be it in price, style or material composition. They have collaborated with some of the finest and leading designer brands from Europe, America and Asia, like Ashley Furniture from the US, KUKA HOME from China and Natuzzi and Scavolini from Italy, to offer some of the finest furniture in the world.


The range on display spans everything from sofas, recliners and home theatre seating to dining ensembles, accessories and bedrooms, all under a single roof. Dash Square has 35 points of sale across the country, out of which 24 are luxury retail stores.



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