Formica Introduces Formica Cora--High-Pressure Laminates With Six Colour-matched Cores


In an important development, Formica, the leading provider of designed surfacing solutions, has launched Formica Cora, its breakthrough collection of high-pressure laminates with six carefully colour-matched cores. Durable laminated surfaces harmoniously matched from surface to core. No black joint lines that separate the surface materials, but rather, pleasing core colours that evoke a sense of continuous flow.

Fittingly, the name Cora is derived from Kore--the nickname of Persephone, ancient Greek goddess of the soul. Like its namesake, Formica Cora’s collection of six colour-matched cores allows an inner beauty to shine through your spaces, delivering unmatched grace and elegance.

The core of Formica’s laminates is the foundation that gives form and durability to the brand’s quality surfaces. With their coloured cores, the Formica Cora collection offers to bare the surfaces’ soul, so to speak, encapsulating beauty that radiates from the inside out. This is yet another expression of Formica’s CORA of being “Makers of Change, One Surface at a Time”.

Formica Cora’s coloured cores come in White, Light Grey, Beige Yellow, Yellow Brown, Dark Brown, and Black. When applied, Formica Cora’s surface laminates eliminate the distinct black lines that border each surface, providing a visual perception of continuity. The collection also comes with wood grains and new stone decors that expand and inspire the realm of design possibilities.



All Formica Cora laminates are suitable for use in residential and commercial spaces. Formica Cora laminates offer unmatched versatility for residential and commercial spaces. They excel in creating seamless joints and edges, eliminating the need for traditional edge banding. Unlike other high-pressure laminates, Formica Cora avoids unsightly black lines. Ideal for cabinetry projects, including shelves and wardrobes, where edges can’t be finished with boarding, these laminates also deliver a sleek, flawless finish to dining countertops. 

“The new Formica Cora collection marks yet another milestone for Formica as we settle into our new headquarters in Singapore. It represents our constant bid for excellence and commitment to offering Next Generation Surfacing Materials that grow with the needs and expectations of our loyal customers across the region,” said Jerome Michel, President of Asia.

Formica’s consistent product quality and service innovation spans 110 years. Since its establishment in 1913, Formica has been a game changer in design and innovation, thanks to the continuous efforts of its multidisciplinary team of experts around the world.



Today, Formica continues to innovate with a long-term commitment to fact-based sustainability that supports a thriving environment and future. 

CTA option A for countries with showroom, the best way to witness how Formica Cora’s unique core colours can enhance a space is a visit to Formica’s brand-new showroom at 38 Armenian Street. The real samples provide an absolute representation of how Formica Cora’s collection can enhance and enrich your spaces. 

CTA option B for countries without showroom The best way to witness how Formica Cora’s unique core colours can enhance a space is to request for real samples through the brand’s website to obtain an absolute representation of how Formica Cora’s collection can enhance and enrich your spaces.

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