REHAU Unveils New Dimensions of Depth in Aesthetics


REHAU, the renowned German innovator, has recently unveiled the latest addition to its RAUVISIO crystal range, the RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection. The possibilities of interior design are redefined by this flagship collection, which gives matte surface finishes a whole new depth.


The RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection blends a soft, shimmering metallic appearance with the time-honored adaptability of glass. Depending on the interplay of light, the deep gloss reveals its beauty, creating a unique ambiance within any space. The hallmark trait of the collection is its depth effect. With seven captivating decors, this range offers designers a wide array of opportunities to reimagine and transform furniture and interiors. It's also important to note that Crystal Deep features large-sized MDF pressed boards (2800x1300x19). 




Ms. Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director of REHAU South Asia, commented on the launch, "The RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection represents a significant leap forward in interior design. Taking inspiration from the boundless depths of the ocean, this collection breathes life into furniture. Depending on how the light interacts with its surface, the deep gloss unveils its splendor, enveloping the room in a distinct ambiance. Whether one seeks a striking contrast or subtle elegance when paired with other surfaces, RAUVISIO Crystal Deep seamlessly integrates into the overall design scheme. We're excited to provide designers and homeowners with an innovative way to add depth and sophistication to their living spaces. This collection not only aligns with our focus on timeless design but also offers a fresh perspective on interior aesthetics."

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The RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection's ability to match designs is one of its special qualities. REHAU has ensured that tambour door systems and edgebands seamlessly integrate with the collection, creating a harmonious and uniform look. Tambour door cabinets now benefit from the RAUVOLET crystal line, which takes the RAUVISIO crystal look to the next level, ensuring a fully uniform frontage when closed.

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Mr. Manish Arora, Vice President of Furniture Solutions, REHAU South East Asia, added, "The RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection is an exciting addition to our range. It opens doors to endless design possibilities and provides the perfect fusion of style and durability. We're confident that this collection will inspire creative interior design and redefine the concept of depth in aesthetics. The RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection is set to open up new horizons in interior design, unlocking a world of possibilities for designers and homeowners who seek timeless elegance, style, and depth in their living spaces.”

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For designers and homeowners seeking classic elegance, style, and depth for their living spaces, the RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection is poised to open up new avenues in interior design.

More about the brand
REHAU is a German based brand, started in 1997 in India. The company had set-up its first manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra. REHAU India is one of the leading global players in the Furniture and Building industry. The company is a solution provider for various business industries such as construction and automotive. Currently the company has 3 plants in India, 2 in Pune and 1 located in Vadodara. They use advanced German technology to provide polymer-based solutions in the construction, automotive industry. REHAU is acknowledged as a leader in German-quality uPVC Edgebands, solid surface, pre-laminated boards, laminates, underfloor heating and cooling solutions etc.


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