Span Floors Revolutionizes Flooring With The New Launch


SPAN FLOORS, a leading brand of wooden flooring & facades in India for luxury homes, is thrilled to announce the launch of Coswick's Quick-ship Collection, offering high end home owners an unprecedented variety of world class engineered wooden flooring available in stock or within a period of 45 days from order. With the addition of Quick-ship Collection, customers now have access to an additional 35 new engineered floors available in 17 different colours taking the total collection to 87 beautiful engineered wood floors in straight planks, herringbone, chevron and square patterns amongst the various flooring ideas.



This revolutionary improvement majorly increases the chance of finding the exact colour, finish and format that works with the project. The projects can proceed swiftly, with a higher probability of meeting tight deadlines due to the remarkably shortened delivery timeline.


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The Quickship Collection by Coswick, exclusively available through Span Floors, features a stunning array of 17 colors meticulously curated to suit various design preferences. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites in wooden flooring, each color is thoughtfully selected to elevate any space. Moreover, the collection offers versatility with these 17 colours available in 35 shapes and sizes, including planks, herringbones, and chevrons, providing endless possibilities for creative expression in flooring design.



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“We're thrilled to introduce Coswick's Quickship Collection, revolutionizing delivery in the Indian luxury wood flooring industry. By partnering with Coswick, we're offering our customers unprecedented speed in receiving their orders. This initiative underscores our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, empowering clients to complete projects quickly without compromising on the exact colour they need from a world class manufacturer.” said Mr. Satinder Chawla, Managing Director of Span Floors. "By significantly reducing delivery timelines, we aim to streamline the process for our clients, ensuring that they can enjoy premium wooden flooring solutions with unparalleled convenience and efficiency.", he added.




Span Floors has always been at the forefront of innovation in the flooring industry, and the introduction of the Quickship Collection by Coswick marks yet another milestone in their quest to provide exceptional products and services to their customers. With this game-changing collection, Span Floors continues to set new standards for quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction in the flooring market.

About the Brand


SPAN FLOORS is a specialist brand name that carries a guarantee of exceptional quality, value, and extraordinary service and a trendsetter in the Indian designer wooden flooring industry. Established in 1995 with over 20 years of experience in the industry, SPAN FLOORS has developed unique, specialized capabilities of providing high-quality wooden floorings and facades to its clients. All floorings, decks and facades are sourced from leading manufacturers around the globe. Backed by years of industry experience and leading technology, SPAN FLOORS offer the finest high-end floors available in today's marketplace.

Explore the Quickship Collection and discover additional flooring and facade options available from SPAN FLOORS at the flagship store situated at M-8, M-Block Market, GK-II, New Delhi, as well as through channel partners across India. All product prices are on request. 



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