The Power of Statement Lighting By Innovative Design Studio


Let there be light! In the ever-evolving landscape of design, decorative lighting has taken on a new significance, emerging as a powerful expression of individual style and personality. At the heart of this evolution lies the fusion of style and statement, epitomized by Innovative Design Studio (IDS), which curates’ exceptional pieces that redefine spaces and elevate experiences in lighting.


IDS exclusively represents Martinelli Luce in India, showcasing lighting fixtures that are not only functional but also interactive pieces of art. Their latest offering, Multidot, designed by Brian Sironi for Martinelli Luce, is a modern approach to a classic chandelier, blending tradition with innovation.

Multidot draws inspiration from the grandeur of historical chandeliers while embracing modern design elements and technology. This lamp is a chameleon of design, its individual cables with their 'stapled' luminous spheres making it capable of changing from a formal and refined illuminating ornament to a slender and modern lamp. A union of memory and modernity.


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The sophisticated design of Multidot in lighting is a testament to Martinelli Luce's heritage and IDS's dedication to innovation. In lighting trends, this lighting fixture not only illuminates spaces but also becomes a central conversation piece, captivating onlookers with its artistic charm. It's a striking example of how decorative lighting can transcend its conventional role to become an integral part of interior design.


With Multidot, IDS continues to set new standards in decorative lighting, merging timeless beauty with forward-thinking design. As a versatile piece that resonates with both tradition and modernity, it is sure to leave a lasting impression in any setting. A realm thats totally offbeat and exquisite, the lighting by IDS offers exceptional trendsetting solutions. 


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Philosophy of the Brand 

At IDG, we believe that a space transcends its physical dimensions, becoming an amalgamation of artistry, technology, and purpose. Rooted in the fusion of technology and aesthetics, our expertise extends beyond interiors, encompassing the intricate interplay of crafts and architecture. We specialize in curating environments that exude heightened ambience and refinement, redefining spaces with a holistic approach to lighting that embraces both interior and exterior architectural elements.


About the Brand

Innovative Design Studio (IDS) from Innovative Design Group, founded by Vikram Jain, curates an exclusive selection of lights that resonate with true connoisseurs of design. Collaborating with globally renowned brands that redefine elegance, IDS, with Aryaman Jain at the helm as the CEO takes pride in crafting brilliance fusing art and technology and bringing innovative and awe-inspiring lighting solutions. Each light is a masterpiece, a testament to their passion for form and function and the transformative power of light.


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