China Is the Biggest Challenge: Sushil Singhal, Founder & CEO, Encore Modular Furniture

Sushil Singhal--the Founder and CEO of Encore Modular Furniture Pvt. Ltd.--says that he never wanted to do a job and wanted to become his own boss. This inspired him to launch his company. 


Talking about the challenges facing the industry, he says China is the biggest challenge as it’s able to disrupt the industry and take the major share. 


On asked how Encore is different from others, he says that Encore delivers its products and services on time, every time and this separates it from others. 


He also talks about the new investments made, new technology harnessed, and new software used for the industry, adding now India can compete successfully with China. 


Asked about his take on retaining customers and creating a base, he says every customer counts and one should be visible at all appropriate forums to attract their attention.