Victorian Ceilings Reimagined by 42MM Architecture


42MM Architecture, a leading architectural design firm, continues to fascinate with their Victorian ceiling designs. Specialising in architectural marvels that surpass conventional norms, the firm’s innovative approach sets new standards of elegance and functionality.




Victorian style ceilings captivate with their intricate plasterwork, ornate mouldings, and elaborate medallions. Often adorned with rich patterns and elegant frescoes, these ceilings reflect the era’s grandeur and attention to detail, enhancing architectural elegance while evoking a sense of historical charm and timeless sophistication.




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Key elements of Victorian ceiling design include detailed cornices, subdued colors, ceiling roses, and mouldings, which add a sense of grandeur and elegance. Central medallions are a common feature, typically placed around chandeliers to highlight the lighting fixture and enhance the room’s decor.



Large, royal chandeliers, often made from crystal, brass, or bronze, are central to Victorian ceiling design, providing both light and a focal point. Decorative borders frame the ceiling with bands of pattern or contrasting colour, highlighting the central area and adding a finishing touch to the design.


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42MM Architecture’s modern Victorian-inspired designs integrate these classic elements with contemporary aesthetics, creating foyer spaces that are both beautiful and functional. By blending traditional elegance with modern innovation, 42MM Architecture continues to push the boundaries of architectural design, setting new standards for luxury and sophistication in home interiors.



About the Company


A multi-disciplinary practice established in 2005, 42MM has since specialized in Architecture, Interiors, and Urban Design. With a keen desire to depart from conventional models, a team of 25-plus architects and designers strive constantly to create outstanding projects. Its distinct approach towards design, detail, and the latest technology is evident in each project. The firm researches, develops, and implements innovative and efficient design strategies. Simultaneously, the firm maintains a solid commitment to creating design solutions that are individually tailored to suit the specific criteria for each project.



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