Picturesque Pool Area Design Inspiration by Beyond Designs


Renowned for their elaborately designed luxury interiors and bespoke furniture and accessories, Beyond Designs unveils a collection of stunningly designed pool areas that spell luxury and serenity.


As the temperatures soar, we all are finding solace in the cool dips in the pools. And come evening, the pool area becomes the best place to kick back and enjoy some downtime. Just the view of a beautifully designed pool area is enough to relax the mind. These pool areas carefully designed by Beyond Designs offer luxurious environments to soothe the nerves, as well as uplift the mood with their beauty.


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A stunningly crafted gazebo is reflected on the serene waters of the pool evoking a picture-perfect appeal in the swimming area design. Symmetry and elaborately detailed interiors and exteriors of the glass- covered gazebo exude ultimate luxury and charm.


Overlooking a lavishly designed, high-ceilinged living room, and surrounded by vibrant greenery all around, this pool area is a perfect blend of luxury and nature. The charming gazebo is the ideal place to enjoy the evenings.


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When you have the sea in front of you and an infinity pool that seem to merge with the horizon, you don’t need much. Just the minimal wooden deck and comfortable lounge chairs are enough to enjoy the sunset.


A vintage-style library room overlooks the beautifully lit pool with a Buddha sculpture in a supine position, imparting serenity to the environment. The surrounding lush greenery nestles the pool area in its natural terrain.


About the Brand

For the past 20 years, Beyond Designs has captured the residential designs narrative of creating highly individual & exquisitely finished projects, concentrating on residences, many of them for well-known personalities. Specializing in luxury interior design & decoration in New Delhi and across the world, renowned designers & entrepreneurs Sachin & Neha's iconic, neutral style has featured in high acclaimed journals. Their design philosophy is to keep it stylish yet effortless. Get inspired by the old-world charm to create a fusion, contemporary & timeless design.


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