Delve into the Beauty of Oriental Dining Experience by Matrix Design Works

The architectural firm which has delighted its clients with comprehensive design solutions,  Matrix Design Works strives to offer the best. Established out of love for design, the brand's methodology believes in improving lives with good interior design. With experience of residential, commercial, retail, and housing projects in India and the Middle East, their team of architects, visualizers, interior designers, and landscape and urban designers focus on delivering the best. 


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For the recent SMARTEX 2024 Awards, Team BMR with SMARTEX had a chance to get design insights from Puja Deopujari, Principal Architect of Matrix Design Works. With an experience of 25 years in the Middle East and India's architectural fields, Puja's expertise is phenomenal in the field of architecture and design. Her proficiency in residential, hospitality, and interior décor projects has aided in the development of countless design options in India's building landscape.


The brand's architectural team has experience with a wide range of projects, from mass-market group housing to family-oriented residential design. The skilled architects and designers gives the best design solutions that bring vision to life. From concept to design development and coordination, the brand leads everything in urban design. 


Amongst the many, here’s a project which is a heartthrob! J’s Contemporary Oriental Dining Restaurant satiates a contemporary oriental dining experience that seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern aesthetics. J's, an upscale contemporary oriental restaurant, is poised to usher in a new era of dining experiences and exceptional service. Its chic interiors, refined exterior, and chef-curated menu featuring hand-picked dishes are all inspired by a dash of modern oriental cuisine from Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, and Vietnam. With all stylish and extraordinary finishes, the space features a vibrant red rattan panel, inverted Vietnamese headgears, and a mesmerizing fish scale pattern. 


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Welcoming guests is a green and golden distressed finish door, exuding an air of prosperity, harmony, and growth-an auspicious symbol. Above, illuminating Chinese characters further reinforce the cultural heritage embraced within the space. 

The design of the space involved a lot of hustle as it elevates the essence of sustainability by keeping in mind the cuisine style. Challenges in material sourcing led to a commitment to local materials like rattan, rice paper, and ceramics- prioritizing sustainability and supporting local economies. The design journey reflects not only aesthetic considerations but also a deep commitment to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship. Through thoughtful choices, the space promises to transport guests on a captivating culinary journey while embodying a harmonious fusion of cultural inspiration and sustainable design practices.


At the bar, a mesmerizing fish scale pattern steals the spotlight, presenting a unique and refreshing visual element. The windows are adorned with contemporary jaalis, a modern interpretation of traditional design patterns, bringing a sense of novelty and sophistication.

Throughout the space, the extensive use of White Ash-Natural wood adds warmth and texture, creating an inviting and harmonious ambiance that complements the overall design.


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This contemporary Oriental Dining experience harmoniously blends elements from diverse

Asian cultures, infusing traditional influences with modern sensibilities. With its visually striking features and thoughtful design choices, it promises to transport guests on a captivating culinary journey.


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Firm Name: Matrix Design Works

Project Name:J's Contemporary oriental Dining Restaurant

Project Location: Noida

Principal Designer: Ar. Puja Deopujari

Year of completion: March, 2023


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