ArisUnitern to strengthen Essem 18’s Real Estate Portfolio

ArisUnitern, a Real Estate Service Provider, offering end-to-end development management solutions, today announced its partnership with real estate developer Essem 18 to offer its full suite development management services in order to strengthen the latter’s large portfolio of real estate projects. As part of this partnership, ArisUnitern is offering support to Essem 18 in securing last-mile project financing while offering sales and marketing services for their projects. In the first phase of this partnership, ArisUnitern is supporting Essem’s 18-acre plotted development project in Shettigere, Bengaluru to fast track its completion.


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This is ArisUnitern’s maiden project with Essem 18 and is aimed at catering to the burgeoning demand for plotted development in Bengaluru, India’s Sillicon Valley. Acting as Essem 18’s strategic partners, ArisUnitern is ensuring the project's seamless completion by helping secure Rs 40 crore in working capital and providing comprehensive development management, including effective sales, and marketing strategies and implementation.


This partnership assumes significance on the back of an increasing number of developers opting for specialised services across the value chain including, construction, project management, procurement management and sales and marketing expertise to ensure the success of their projects. ArisUnitern, which is one of the pioneers in development management model, has secured eight projects in the last one-year, recorded sales exceeding Rs 300 crore within the last six months and raised over 300 crores across 7 deals and supplied materials worth Rs. 150 Crores to these clients. This reflects the mushrooming of the demand for specialised service providers in the real estate industry.


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Commenting on this development, Srini Gopalan, Chairman of ArisUnitern said, “The nature and fabric of the Indian real estate industry is evolving significantly whereby investors and retail customers are looking for quality in project execution and timely delivery over affordability simply being the most important factor. As an organisation committed to supporting developers through our cutting-edge solutions, we have been at the forefront of enhancing the quality of real estate projects in Bengaluru and are excited to join hands with Essem 18 to offer our development management services for their plotted development projects in Bengaluru. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey with Essem 18, and we are committed to bringing our decades of experience in offering a comprehensive range of solutions across the 3M’s of real estate- Money, Material & Management- to co-create solutions that are simple, innovative, and responsible for our clients”.


Mr. Raghavan Raman, CFO, Essem 18 said “In one of our major partnerships in the industry, we are excited to join hands with ArisUnitern for our upcoming project in Shettigere, an 18-acre plotted development to deliver on our customers’ promise of high-quality projects, delivered timely. As a quality focused organisation, we constantly review our projects and involve subject matter experts like ArisUnitern to support us in project completion. We are looking forward to a long-term fruitful relationship as we create a shared value for all our stakeholders- investors, customers and others.”



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This shift towards prioritising quality over quantity by developers in collaboration with development management companies such as ArisUnitern has elevated industry standards, enabling developers to improve projects and meet the evolving demands of consumers. This is also helping expand the size of the Indian real estate industry, which is projected to reach $1.04 Trillion by 2029, from $0.33 Trillion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 25.60% during 2024-2029.


About the Company


ArisUnitern, headquartered in Bangalore, is a professionally managed Development Management Company that provides end-to-end solutions to the real estate sector, ensuring timely project completion. ArisUnitern seeks to simplify the Real Estate industry by focusing on the three critical 'M's: Money, Material, and Management’. Through its extensive network, ArisUnitern also offers financial advisory services, investment banking assistance, working capital funding, string team of architects and engineers, dynamic sales force, and seamless access to construction materials- all available at a single click. As a full-fledged Development Management Company, the firm functions as a strategic partner with its clients, prioritizing their best interests, ensuring on-time delivery, and ultimately securing the success of their projects, all while safeguarding their clients' brand identity.



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