Cocoon Fine Rugs Unveils Rang Collection

Weaving stories one thread at a time- Cocoon Fine Rugs, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to artistic expression, presents ‘Rang Collection’, a symphony of colours interwoven into vibrant narratives that recite the tales of history and cultural heritage.


Drawing inspiration from the rich folk heritage of Persia, where colourful rugs hold profound significance, ‘The Rang Collection’ encapsulates the essence of human emotions through earnestly handcrafted pieces. Each rug in this collection is an amalgamation of hues and a reflection of the myriad emotions that define our existence.


These rugs are literal translations of harmony, happiness, growth, and passion. The collection, aptly named ‘Rang’, delves deep into this cultural tapestry, weaving together colours that resonate with the soul. Hand-knotted in Afghani wool and made with hand-spun fibres, these rugs boast timeless designs, ensuring a luxurious and natural feel suitable for any setting in home design.


Indigo represents harmony and calmness while yellow represents happiness and sunshine. Green symbolises growth and prosperity, and passion finds its expression through red. These colours are not just pigments, they are vessels carrying the weight of countless feelings, transforming spaces into vibrant tapestries of expression and warmth.


Designing home is not just easy! From wall finishes to ceiling ideas- every decision is important. Embrace your home design trends with the vibrant narratives of ‘Rang Collection’ and transform your space into an expression of emotions, warmth, and beauty.  


About the Brand

Founded by Ayush and Smriti Choudhary, each piece at Cocoon Fine Rugs is hand-made and created with love using the finest natural materials including pure silk and wool. With flagship stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Kolkata, the rugs are a testament to the founders’ commitment to the finest craftsmanship. The signature collections are an influence from founders Ayush and Smriti’s personal travels around the world including Barcelona, Paris, Chicago, and London. Besides carrying its own in-house collections, the brand also collaborates with leading interior designers and fashion houses like Ashiesh Shah, Studio PKA, Falguni Shane Peacock, and JJ Valaya to name a few. The brand has a signature range of fine oriental rugs and contemporary carpets in their galleries with an assurance of promising more than one way to indulge your floor.

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