Merino Contemporary Arts: Transforming Modern Decor

Merino Contemporary Arts - Building Material Reporter

Merino, India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure decorative laminates is elated to introduce a new range of laminates known as Contemporary Arts. The unique range of laminate enhances the appeal of varied textures while strengthening and protecting the elements of the belongings.
Merino is known for providing an exclusive range of designs that makes the brand stand out from the crowd. With its technological innovation, the brand is offering a new range of Contemporary Arts laminates that illustrates advanced identical features of laminates.


Merino Contemporary Arts - Building Material Reporter

The Contemporary Arts are similar to standard high-pressure laminates with an add-on feature of having identical designs that help interior designers to create exactly corresponding patterns for a space. The product can be found in a multitude of 33 designs spread across- colored wood, pinnacle, vertex, beribboned, herringbone, woodcuts, louver, walnut, steeple, and mesh. This range of laminates comes with an ultra-smooth and natural finish with near to zero light reflectivity in pebble touch finish which ultimately defines the individuality and uniqueness of Contemporary Art. The laminates have no boundation and can be applied on varied surfaces ranging from doors, wall panels, wardrobes, and partitions to kitchen cabinets, table tops, cabinets, and dining tables. 

Decorative laminates are used for a functional purpose in any residential, commercial, or industry setting. The Contemporary Arts are impact-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant, thus, making the product highly durable. They can be also customized with advanced properties like fire retardant, antibacterial and antifungal. The versatile product is a modernized version of exclusive laminate designs by Merino which is a desirable choice for various users. 


Merino Contemporary Arts - Building Material Reporter

Merino develops an alluring nature of wood by assuring sustainable factors. Like any other laminate from the brand, Contemporary Arts is also Greenguard and Greenguard gold certified showcasing its longevity and sustainability quotient while encompassing all the technical features of Merinolam designs.

To meet the modern standard of interior décor, the brand has curated the concept of Contemporary Arts laminates which cater to exceptional consumers at a very competitive price. Contemporary Arts is a special range of laminates from Merino that has received an overwhelming response from the National market and is carving its path toward International space.


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