SMARTEX: Some Questions & Answers



The two day (February 10-11, 2023) expo promises to be an inspiring event on “smart” products and “smart” minds. Here, some of the finest professionals from the field will have a discourse on “smart” innovations and “smart” minds, and try to figure-out how a healthy collaboration between the two can play a critical role towards a “smart” future.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the questions you may have about the event and get answers to these!


1. Where the event is being organized?
Pride Plaza Hotel, Hospitality District, Asset 5A, Aerocity, New Delhi-110037


2. What’s the date and time of the event?
10 & 11, Feb 2023, 10 AM to 6PM


3. How I stand to gain?
Many well-known and reputed brands, architects, and designers will be participating in the two-day event. You will get an excellent chance to collaborate with them for mutual benefits and growth.


4. Can you share the names of the participating brands?
Some of the brands associated with for now are Haier, Lingel Windows, Sakarni and Marmo Solutions


5. Can you share the names of the participating architects & designers?
Ar. Gurpreet Singh Shah, Creative Group, New Delhi; Shruti Dimri, Principal Architect, Anagram Architects; Ar. Britta Knobel Gupta, Founding Partner, Studio Symbiosis; Priyanka P Mehra, Principal Architect, P S Design, Mumbai; Ar. Arun Sharma, Principal Architect, Atrey Associates, New Delhi; Ar. Yudhveer Singh, ADDPL, Noida; Ar. Adesh Joshi, An Architect Group, Chandigarh…they are just some of the renowned names who would be participating in the two-day event.


6. What do you mean when you say “smart minds meet smart products”?
The theme of our conference is “smart”. We will be exploring the future of “smart” products and designs in India and are inviting many reputed and well-known designers, architects, and brands--the ones that are making “smart” products -- to explore the future of “smart” designs and “smart” products.


7. Is there an age or professional criteria for participation in the event?
Though there is no age requirement, we do have professional requirements for participation in the event. You must be either an architect, interior designer, specifier, MEP/Structural consultant, or contractor.


8. Do I have to pay anything to be a part of this event, if yes, how much?
No! It’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to participate.


9. How can I participate?
Simply, by registering yourself. If you belong to any one of the above mentioned professional fields, you can visit our website () and get yourself registered.


10. Can I bring along my friends and family members?
Yes, you can, provided they fulfil the professional criterion! You just need to get them registered following the same process as you did it for yourself!


11. Is there any parking facility outside, and what is the charge?
Yes, you will have no issues parking your vehicles outside of the venue!


12. Are pets allowed?
Sorry! Though we are not anti-pets, for the event, we have ‘no pets’ policy.


13. Do I have to carry any ID proof to gain entry?
Yes, you have to carry any ID proof, besides the registration slip issued/sent by us carrying your name and registration number.

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