Merino Laminature: The Au Naturale Textured Laminates That Makes All the Difference

Merino Laminature

Merino--India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure decorative laminates--is thrilled to introduce the highly decorative laminate range, Laminature. Merino Laminature are embellished laminates with textures that give a refined tangible feel in coherence with the design. The surface texture exuberate seamless decor patterns and makes the laminates indistinguishable from solid woods and veneers.


Laminature, the tasteful and attractive laminate range from Merino, can be applied on varied surfaces-- ranging from furniture and wardrobes to wall panels and lobbies as it has a better wear resistance than veneers. This premium and durable surface solution is being manufactured using high quality embossed premium décor paper which provides smooth finish to the product. Premium earthy designs are embossed on the laminates reflecting a blend of symmetry, precision and synchronisation. 


Laminature is the answer to architects who are conceptualising premium interior spaces for residential and commercial complexes to generate a luxurious and au naturale look.


Merino Laminature


A laminature comes with an extensive range of patterns whereas consumers are left with minimal options when opting for veneer. The product offers 12 designs in 3 premium finishes having exclusive blend of woodgrains and stone. The assortment is a treat to the decorator’s mind. The scratch resistant element of the product lasts for years without fading or loss of gloss, maintaining colour fastness. The laminature is also impact-resistant as per EN 438 standards. 


Merino has redefined the concept of imagination for good. While the world has confined the boundaries of laminates, it’s all out to explore what these versatile surfaces can do. Laminates are fondly known as “surface decor elements” and, Merino has added life to the same with its striking concepts and awe-inspiring patterns. 


Like any other product from the brand, Laminature is also Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified showcasing its longevity and sustainability quotient. Laminature is not only enthralling the Indian laminates market but has a strong market presence in 80+ countries globally.  

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