Innovative Design Studio Unveils Giopato & Coombes to the Indian Market


Innovative Design Studio (IDS), a leader in curating exceptional lighting pieces that redefine spaces and enhance experiences, proudly introduces Giopato & Coombes to the Indian market. Renowned for their fusion of Italian craftsmanship and innovative design, Giopato & Coombes creates lighting fixtures that are both functional and artistic, standing out for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.


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IDS unveils the Maehwa collection by Giopato & Coombes, a stunning series of lighting fixtures inspired by the delicate beauty and natural harmony of the plum blossom. This collection epitomizes IDS's dedication to merging advanced design techniques with the serene elegance of nature.



The Maehwa collection features a unique ceiling and wall design that allows each element to interact effortlessly, creating a free-flowing architectural landscape. The modular brass structure, crafted using cutting-edge free-form techniques, curves gracefully like the branches of a plum tree. Adorning these branches are glass spheres that bloom freely, evoking plum blossoms in various stages of bloom. Designed to resemble a pistil enclosed by an unbloomed corolla, these spheres emit a soft, warm light. Each sphere encases the light source, supported by a flexible electric cable that orients itself naturally.



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Available in a range of finishes including transparent, translucent, and blushed, in soft, natural hues like pale pink, smoky grey, and opal white, these spheres add a stunning artistic dimension to any home or office design. The flexible cable illuminates gently, enhancing the overall aesthetic with a warm, inviting glow.



About Innovative Design Group


IDG believes that a space transcends its physical dimensions, becoming an amalgamation of artistry, technology, and purpose. Rooted in the fusion of technology and aesthetics, our expertise extends beyond interiors, encompassing the intricate interplay of crafts and architecture. The firm specializes in curating environments that exude heightened ambience and refinement, redefining spaces with a holistic approach to lighting that embraces both interior and exterior design architectural elements.


About Innovative Design Studio


Innovative Design Studio (IDS) from Innovative Design Group, founded by Vikram Jain, curates an exclusive selection of lights that resonate with true connoisseurs of design. Collaborating with globally renowned brands that redefine elegance, IDS, with Aryaman Jain at the helm as the CEO takes pride in crafting brilliance fusing art and technology and bringing innovative and awe-inspiring lighting solutions. Each light is a masterpiece, a testament to their passion for form and function and the transformative power of light.



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