The Magical Prefab House Using Mitsumi’s Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction Technology

Mitsumi has been using Cold-Formed Steel Construction technology. Using light-grade steel and CAD (computer-aided design) minimizes wastage and cost while maximizing speed. This provides Mitsumi with key and unique competitive advantages in mass housing projects.

The design you are looking at is a prefab model of a project of someone thousand houses. The design is customized to suit the need of the project and then hybrid technology is used in its prefabrication and construction. Light and mild steel are used as frames. 

This particular model will be used for a project of PMAY. This hybrid, prefab, and dry technology that ensures uniform quality across units will be used to support and fulfil the dream of a house for everyone, a dream that is driven by the vision of our honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi. 

While light steel frame-based prefab structures have a distinct cost-benefit advantage for affordable housing, this technology is by no means limited to the segment. The very factor that makes it cost-effective, gives it a unique competitive advantage when it comes to high-end and premium luxury housing solutions. The technology can be easily adapted for flagship projects like Smart City and for developing townships.

Mitsumi’s prefab is the technology of the future, whose time is just starting. Unlike in traditional wet methods, the design parameters are customized and finalized and a CAD model is generated, then the actual material is cast and constructed according to the design. Accurate within fractions of millimeters, the design minimizes wastage. As it is assembled on-site with minimum ‘wet’ application the entire process is efficient, clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Just imagine a construction project with nearly zero dust emission, what it could contribute towards scaling down urban pollution? The materials used are green and virtually maintenance-free, giving the user unique cost advantages.

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