ALCOI: Innovative Fenestration solutions for sustainable Living in Indian Summers

BMR's Special Feature - Brand in focus - ALCOI shares this thorough guide that delves into the innovative Solutions for fenestrations and strategies for sustainable living in Indian Summers. 


As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing concern, the need for sustainable solutions in building design has never been more urgent. In India, where summers can be particularly harsh, implementing fenestration solutions prioritising energy efficiency and comfort is crucial for sustainable living. Fenestration, the arrangement of windows and doors in a building, plays a significant role in regulating heat, light, and airflow. 


Here are five innovative fenestration solutions tailored for Indian summers:


Natural Ventilation Strategies

Designing buildings emphasising natural ventilation can minimise the reliance on mechanical cooling systems. Incorporating features such as operable windows and vented skylights allows for the free flow of air through the building, promoting cross-ventilation and heat dissipation. This passive cooling strategy improves indoor air quality and reduces energy consumption and operating costs.


Double Glazing with Low-E Coating

Double glazing, which consists of two panes of glass separated by a gas-filled space, provides superior insulation against heat transfer. Moreover, applying a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating to the glass further enhances its thermal performance by reflecting infrared radiation while allowing visible light to pass through. This technology helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while reducing the load on cooling systems, making it ideal for Indian summers.


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Solar-Responsive Windows

Integrating solar-responsive windows into building design can significantly reduce energy consumption. These windows are equipped with smart technology that adjusts their transparency based on the intensity of sunlight. This dynamic feature enhances comfort and minimises reliance on air conditioning, thus lowering energy bills and carbon emissions.


Thermal Break Window Frames

In hot climates like India, the heat conducted through window frames can contribute significantly to indoor heat gain. Thermal break window frames feature a non-metallic insulating material sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the frame, creating a barrier that minimises thermal transfer. 

This design prevents the frame from acting as a conduit for heat, helping maintain a more stable indoor temperature. By reducing heat ingress through the window frames, thermal break technology complements other energy-efficient fenestration strategies, leading to greater comfort and energy savings


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Ventilation Louvres and Solar Shading Devices

Ventilation louvres and solar shading devices effectively control heat gain and promote natural ventilation. Installing adjustable louvres or shading devices on windows allows occupants to regulate the amount of sunlight entering a space. 


By strategically orienting these elements to block direct sunlight during peak hours, they can prevent overheating while allowing ample daylight. Additionally, incorporating operable windows alongside these devices facilitates cross-ventilation, promoting passive cooling through airflow.


Integrating innovative fenestration solutions tailored for Indian summers is imperative for sustainable building practices. By adopting these technologies, architects and builders demonstrate a commitment to mitigating the impacts of climate change while creating spaces that prioritise occupant well-being and environmental responsibility. 


Brand In Focus: ALCOI 


Nitin Mehta, Director 

Nitin Mehta is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of ALCOI, one of India’s leading suppliers of eco-friendly high–performance fenestration solutions. An engineer by education from Punjab Technical University, Nitin integrates cutting-edge technology with his experience in the metal industry, leading the design and development of high-performance products in line with market requirements. Under his leadership, ALCOI has completed 15 glorious years of its services and achievements and has transformed into a one-stop solutions provider for the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of precision–engineered fenestration systems in India and abroad. 


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