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StudioiDo's visionary design for Transfer Oil embodies a forward-thinking approach that not only enhances functionality but also elevates the workplace experience through sustainable practices and aesthetics. With Glamora's innovative wallcoverings, StudioiDo has crafted a modern office environment that transcends traditional spatial constraints, encouraging collaboration and creativity. \



The project to expand and redesign Transfer Oil's headquarters represents a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality that reflects the company's values and offers a comfortable and sustainable working environment.



The design of the new Transfer Oil seat, signed by studioiDo, responds to the client's needs for space and work organisation. Not only that, the interiors interpret the company's core values thanks to choices that respect the environment, and employee comfort and promote innovative and technological choices.



Shared spaces with mobile workstations, reserved areas for private conversations or telephone calls, height-adjustable motorised desks, limited use of printers, the presence of natural materials such as wood for the ceiling and furnishings, and automatic air conditioning: these are all design choices that respect the environment, improve air quality and the stay of employees during working hours.


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Following this flexible and adaptable office concept, StudioiDo approached the project with an innovative vision, optimised the spaces and created welcoming environments, introducing decorative elements that break the rigidity of the architectural lines.


Glamora wallcoverings have created visual continuity and transitional fluidity in the space by favouring a modern concept of dynamic open space without rooms strictly designated for a specific function. With different subjects of great personalities, such as the Ego and Equatorial Jungle wallcoverings, the architects have given an identifiable visual imprint, inserting touches of colour that offer pleasant sensations of respite to the daily operations. 


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In addition, the design studio chose to optimise room air quality, using the latest cutting-edge technology developed by Glamora. The eco-resin with ionising action Ecopur® by Oltremateria® is a protective coating that, when applied to wallcoverings, purifies and improves the air, helping to prevent bacterial and viral proliferation.


For the room dedicated to more confidential conversations, such as interviews, the design studio chose the Desire wallcovering on the Acoustic Shield. This two-layer wallcovering system optimises indoor acoustic wellbeing by creating a sound-absorbing barrier where participants can isolate themselves and make them feel at ease, thanks also to the soft lighting that creates a very relaxing atmosphere.



StudioiDo's design choices, together with the innovative use of Glamora wallcoverings, have created a dynamic and welcoming space, capable of responding to the needs of a modern company attentive to the well-being of its employees.


About the Company: GLAMORA


Founded in 2010, Glamora creates wallcovering collections inspired by art, design and nature, made from natural or sustainable materials of the highest quality, for residential and contract projects, including large-scale projects. Always in search of innovations that combine aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility, Glamora introduces 2024 two technical innovations designed specifically for large-scale projects that require high aesthetic and functional standards: these are AcousticShield and Ecopur® by Oltremateria®, which are applied to all the wallcoverings in the Creative Collection, Glamora's ongoing collection.



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