Rehau's Collective Triumph In India's Furniture Industry

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Rehau's supremacy in India mirrors a collective triumph, achieved through collaboration with channel partners and industry leaders.


In India's furniture industry, Rehau's ascent transcends individual achievement, evolving into a collective success narrative through strategic alliances with dedicated channel partners and unwavering support from esteemed customers, including OEMs and furniture manufacturers. Renowned globally for its edgeband, Rehau actively expands its presence in India, leveraging a committed network of channel partners to ensure seamless product availability and technical support.


The company's expansion strategy centers on cultivating strong relationships with channel partners nationwide, recognising the pivotal role of a resilient supply chain in achieving successful market penetration. This collaborative approach guarantees a consistent and efficient flow of Rehau's high-quality products, with the company's commitment extending beyond availability to include robust technical support for customers.


Equipped with essential knowledge and training, channel partners play a crucial role in aiding clients in comprehending and implementing Rehau's innovative solutions. Serving as frontline representatives, these partners operate in diverse markets across India, leveraging their local expertise and understanding of regional intricacies to tailor solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of customers.


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Collaborative Growth
Rehau's approach is a collaborative effort with channel partners. The company ensures that partners are well-equipped with the latest information, marketing collateral, and training programs to effectively communicate the value proposition of Rehau products.




Customer-Centric Approach
Understanding the unique demands of the Indian market, Rehau and its channel partners prioritise a customer-centric approach. This involves prompt response to inquiries, efficient order processing, and post-sales support, contributing to an enhanced customer experience.


The company's emphasis on both product availability and technical support reflects its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. As Rehau continues to strengthen its foothold in India, the role of its channel partners remains integral to the company's success.


kedarnath panday


Kedarnath Pandey, Representing Geeken Seating Collection, Reflects On Their 37-Year Journey In Furniture And IT Solutions. 
Originating from a humble background, Kedarnath Pandey transitioned from employment to entrepreneurship, initially focusing on office chairs and sofas. The evolution led to the incorporation of office tables, prompting the establishment of a factory in Baddi, 15 years ago. As they ventured into modular work, Rehau's edgebands emerged as a pivotal aspect due to its unmatched quality.


Despite experimenting with local products, none matched the durability of Rehau. The company's commitment to timely deliveries for urgent orders, showcased a customer-centric approach. The choice of Rehau was attributed to its German quality and wider thickness options, eliminating the need for alternatives.


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Rehau’s edgebands exhibited colour stability during trimming, unlike local counterparts prone to whitening. Sample trials highlighted REHAU's resilience and durability, with attempts to break their edgebands resulting in bending, emphasising their robust construction. GeeKen Seating Collection placed unwavering trust in Rehau for quality, service, and issue resolution, forming the basis of their enduring partnership. “With Rehau's support, GeeKen Seating Collection is poised for a future committed to delivering excellence,” asserts Kedarnath Pandey.


mandeep singh


Mandeep Singh, The Owner Of Awal Tooling In Ludhiana, Punjab, Speaks Of His Enduring Partnership With Rehau, Which Began In 2009, With His Initial Introduction To The Brand In 1999. 

The collaboration, starting with calibrate and tooling adhesive, officially commenced in 2010 when Rehau supplied the elusive frosty white edgeband. Currently, offering an extensive palette of 1200 woodgrain colours and 350 plain shades, Rehau stands unmatched in India. The consistent quality of Rehau's products remains exemplary, maintaining colour and grain integrity over years.




Rehau's edgebands distinguish themselves in the market through the use of virgin PVC, ensuring durability and flexibility over time, preventing shattering marks. As the largest laminate market in India, Rehau uniquely addresses the influx of new colours with a dedicated team, a distinction unmatched by any other company in the country. Awal Tooling primarily caters to OEM customers, emerging entrepreneurs, and carpenters opting for the RAUCARP series. Quality-focused architects also form a significant part of their clientele.


As part of an expansion endeavour, Singh intends to explore Rehau panels, capitalising on their well-established acceptance in the market. “Accounting for 40% of the sales, Rehau's unwavering support has played a pivotal role in Awal Tooling's growth and success, particularly amid the swift development of the local market,” avers Mandeep Singh.

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