Service Oriented Approach Sets Marmo Solutions Apart

BMR’s Sandeep Lathhwal spoke to Ashish Bhasin, CEO of Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd., an emerging leader in the adhesive and cleaning solutions sector. She. Bhasin leads an in-house R&D team to ensure the strictest adherence to quality. He spoke to Sandeep Lathhwal on the future plans and emerging scopes for the company and the sector overall.
Reminiscing about the early struggles at Shivpuri, She. Bhasin spoke of completing his education and imbibing the tougher lessons about life and its values in the initial days. Facing tough times from his teens steeled and moulded him, for his future journey, at Delhi.
Delhi provided a new set of challenges. He took up jobs, before deciding to give the entrepreneurship in him a fighting chance. That ultimately led to Marmo Solutions. Mr Bhasin fondly recollected how he applied for marketing jobs during his first foray in the NCT and landed one right away, in a cosmetic brand in Karol Bagh. HE recollected how a casual conversation with a friend led him to his future calling, a foray into the marketing of construction chemicals. 

Mr Ashish Bhasin was made transparency and honesty his cornerstones as he set about to educate himself and his clients in he then fledgling building materials sector, a sector that was seeing the emergence of new materials and technology around that time.  
The journey of Marmo started in January 2013. The nascent sector faced many challenges. People were not aware of the product; most of the products were not manufactured locally and add to this the conservative mindset of users and builders. It was a hard start for .Mr Bhasin, as he set about to educate end users and intermediaries. 
The biggest challenge was to convince users and customers about the quality of locally manufactured products, which were competing directly with imported products. Mr Ashish Bhasin recollected how he worked closely with all stakeholders to provide solutions, ensure quality and build trust and the thriving market that we see today.
Mr Bhasin emphasised on the need for positivity, along with a certain willingness to take risks and adhering to to ethical practises, as the foundation for any successful business.  
Mr Bhasin explained how the typically Indian, emotional connect with the stakeholders have helped business survive during the tough, pandemic enforced lockdown. He explained how the entire service and supply chain cooperated to help business see through these extraordinarily tough times.

Mr Ashish Bhasin explained how Marmo’s products are designed in close consultation with major consumers, the stone suppliers and fabricators. Adhesives and fillers were designed as per the specifications required by the users. Then Marmo developed a patented technology to harden soft marble and limestone, and one stop solution to maintenance problems of softer stones. The customisation of products by Marmo is not a driving slogan for the brand ‘The next generation of solution products’. Sh. Bhasin said that Marmo takes a step in building a stronger, resilient India through its quality range of products, giving a fillip to PM Modi’s dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
Mr Bhasin explained how products emerge after long hours of consultations and cooperation between end users and a dedicated team of R&D experts. He explained why Marmo believes in providing application specific, customised solutions for individual demands, rather than rely on a dealer/distributor network. 
Mr Bhasin explained how Marmo has won hearts and a slice of the market by focusing on tailor made solutions. People view Marmo as a service provider and not as a product supplier. He mentioned how solving application related problems of users have helped shape the business values and ethics of Marmo Solutions, rather than a sales centric approach. 
Recalling the strong market presence of Marmo Solutions across Southern India, Delhi NCR, Gujarat and Punjab, Mr Bhasin explained why he is focusing on consolidation before further expansion. He agreed that the supply side has been affected by the pandemic enforced situation. 
Speaking about markets and emerging markets, Mr Bhasin said that exports started from Dubai, then Nepal and Sri Lanka was added as the next destinations.  He spoke about the different challenges in various markets. 

Mr Bhasin emphasised on the need to foster the entrepreneurship spirit in the new generation that would use its skills to educate users and create job and business competencies rather than simply look for a job. Reiterating his commitment to keep on educating users about new and emerging technologies and solutions, Sh, Bhasin signed off by saying that the estimated Rs4k-5 k crore sectors has got immense potential in becoming a cornerstone for realising the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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