Stone World is a One-Stop Destination for all Your Natural Stone and Wall Cladding Needs - Pawan Lahoti

Pawan Lahoti

Sandeep Lathhwal of BMR had a detailed discussion with Pawan Lahoti, the Founder Director of  Stone World, Indore. He spoke about the future scope for natural stone and wall cladding in India, amongst other trending issues. Lahoti shared his rich experience with BMR’s flagship talk show Voice of Brand.
Pawan Lahoti recalled how his journey started in 2004 and Stone World became a reality from a concept in 2008. He spoke about how Stone World was positioned as a one stop shop for all stone and natural wall cladding. He spoke about how Stone World processes stones for every conceivable applications, and how this became the USP of the brand. 


Pawan Lahoti explained how Stone World customises solutions for every need. The company has its own cutting machines, polishing machines for customisation of material. 

Pawan Lahoti

In 2019 Stone World inaugurated its largest showroom, spread over twelve thousand square feet, in Indore. The showroom displays separate concepts in separate designated areas, as displays and mock ups. Lajoti said that having a display helps the end user to visualise what the architect is visualising and they are in a position to make a more informed choice. Pawan Lahoti said that despite often complex customization, Stone World can deliver tailor made material, pan India, in just over a fortnight for projects. 
Speaking on the demand trends of stone and stone based products Pawan Lahoti said that despite being a traditional material, the sector has seen constant evolution and product and concept development has kept pace with the changing trends. He felt that the demand of stone products have picked up, after the pandemic induced lock down. 


Lahoti said that ‘stone veneer’ has emerged as a very flexible product that lends itself to multiple application, including ceilings, wardrobes, furniture etc. Stone veneer has emerged as a game changing solution in the stone based materials sector. 

Pawan Lahoti

Lahoti spoke about projects picking up pace, in and around Indore and how architects are opting for different stones and stone based products, even for industrial and commercial projects. Projects related to the Smart City, government projects and the upcoming Indore metro has given a much needed fillip to development in and around the city, added Lahoti.


In the post Covid market Pawan Lahoti noticed a resurging demand for Indian natural stones for flooring and cladding solutions. Indian natural stones have largely replaced imported stones, amongst end users and architects. Pawan Lahoti felt that project specific customisation will be the new norm.

On a question by Sandeep Lathhwal of BMR, Pawan Lahoti of Stone World, Indore had a word of caution for contractors and fabricators. Lahoti urged them to stick to accurate measurement, knowledge about adhesives and handling the end product carefully to achieve good results. 

Pawan Lahoti

Speaking about emerging and future trends in the industry, Lahoti said that designers and architects are shifting from a multiple-type-of-stone approach for overall design to ‘single type of stones with multiple finishes’ approach. The sector is also seeing very high levels of customization, even within a single project. 
Speaking on the post Covid scenario Lahoti spoke about adhering strictly to Covid norms at Stone World. Every single work has been pre scheduled to exacting norms. Meetings with customers and designers are always pre scheduled with prior appointment. Interaction with architects has gone almost entirely virtual, revealed Lahoti. 

Speaking about immediate plans, Pawan Lahoti said that Stone World would present their full bouquet of more than twenty designs and offerings through its delaer network in teh country in teh coming couple of months.
Lahoti took teh opportunity of speaking with BMR to invite architects and designers to Stone World for customized solutions.


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