Unveiling the Artistry with Ramesh Bhandari, A-Class Marble's Maestro

glass marbleRamesh Bhandari, CES & Director, A-Class Marble. 


In the dynamic world of material innovation and design, Ramesh Bhandari has been at the forefront, steering A-Class Marble towards new horizons. As the visionary leader, he has not only overseen the production of groundbreaking innovations but has also shaped the narrative of industry sharing with the BMR platform. A-Class Marble is the largest importer of elusive marble and stones in India and offers 550+ varieties of bespoke masterpieces crafted by Revolutionary StrenInn Technology backed by decades of innovation.


Top Trending Marble and Stone for this Year

glass marble

Marble, a material withstood the test of time, continues to captivate the world with its timeless beauty and opulence. However, the resurgence of marble in contemporary design goes beyond traditional uses. This revival is attributed to the unique applications and designs that showcase the adaptability of this age-old material. More than ever, people are drawn to incorporating everyday luxury into their homes, seeking to enhance well-being and create spaces that evoke a sense of comfort and joy.


Affinity for White Marble and Natural Stones

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Despite the ever-changing landscape of design trends, the allure of white marble and natural stones remains unyielding. Characterised by a pristine white canvas, Statuario and its captivating counterpart, Statuario Wow, boast subtle, elegant veining that weaves a narrative of timeless sophistication. While the classic Statuario evokes a sense of purity and refinement, Statuario Wow takes the experiential appeal a step further, featuring bold, dramatic veins. 


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The timeless achromatic palette transcends fads. Statuario is a perennial favourite for countertops and backsplashes, transforming the culinary space into a haven of elegance. On the other hand, Statuario Wow takes centre stage in living rooms, infusing dramatic grandeur. Ideal for fireplace surrounds and accent walls, its bold veins create a sculptural highlight. These stones are not just materials but expressions of luxury and refinement, making them the epitome of this year's trending marble and natural stone.


Bold Accents and Dramatic Designs

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A slight detour from the neutrals will be witnessed this year as bold accents and dramatic designs take centre stage in lounges and self-care rooms. Among the top trending natural stones, Panda White marble emerges as a frontrunner. It is characterised by bold contrasts and striking patterns, polished texture and artistic veins, adding depth and visual interest to spaces and creating a lavish and inviting atmosphere. It evokes boldness, individuality, and a sense of indulgence. Panda White marble is the preferred choice for lounges and self-care rooms, where luxury and comfort are paramount.


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This year marks a harmonious balance between the comfort of the familiar and the allure of the new interior design. With Statuario, Statuario, Wow, and Panda White marble taking the lead as the top trending choices, the design industry is poised to explore a plethora of applications, designs, and techniques. These materials testify to the timelessness of marble while satisfying the contemporary urge for something bold and dramatic. As homes become sanctuaries for well-being and self-expression, incorporating these marbles ensures that every space tells a story of luxury, comfort, and a willingness to embrace the timeless with a touch of the avant-garde. 



Bio: Ramesh Bhandari, Director, A-Class Marble
A perfectionist and an assiduous professional, Ramesh Bhandari, started his journey at A-Class Marble since its inception in 2005 and has now completed 15 glorious years. With an aim to bring the best of marbles from all over the world to India, the endeavour is running the 50th year of its legendary legacy.

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Ramesh has translated the vision of the A-Class brand and the company's ethos into reality with an eye for detail. Equipped with a knack for devising excellent business strategies and implementation, he is known for his innovative ideas and unique approach towards marketing, sales, and customer relations. With his far-sighted and futuristic methodologies, he actively participates in the domain of planning and risk management in the company, bringing in plausible solutions to deal with challenges. He has immense experience in analyzing the needs of the Indian Market. One of his noteworthy contributions to the company is the conception of bringing unique surfaces to the Indian market, adding to the existing accolades of A-Class Marble. His tenacity and determination towards the business and the community have won him memberships in several highly reputed entrepreneurial organizations, pan-India, and taken the A-Class brand to its unique status of repute in the design industry.

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