In Conversation with Ar. Himanshu Suri, Striking Simplicity, Timeless Elegance

                                                                                 Ar. Himanshu Suri


Architect Suri and Associates was founded to create buildings which are both aesthetically refined and environmentally responsible in our recent BMR interview with Himanshu Suri, Ar. Priyanshi Shah delved into the profound approach he employs in the realm of architecture. He goes beyond the conscious mind, recognizing that every detail, both independently and collectively, plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall perception of design. This nuanced understanding guides their practice, leading them to tailor-make each configuration with a deep comprehension of various considerations.


Ar.Priyanshi Shah: How would you describe Architect Suri and Associates as a unique approach to the industry regarding sustainability, contemporary aesthetics and ecological projects?


Ar.Himanshu Suri: We differentiate ourselves through a holistic commitment to sustainable design, contemporary aesthetics, and a profound understanding of ecological impact. Our approach is characterized by a keen awareness of the environmental footprint of each project, a commitment to cutting-edge design principles, and a deep integration of nature through landscape design and sustainable materials into the built environment.


Ar.Priyanshi Shah: Can you tell us about your history with architecture as a profession, your role, and how your work has evolved?


Ar.Himanshu Suri: Beginning as a passionate architect, the journey has evolved to incorporate a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment. Over time, the focus has shifted towards sustainable design, pushing boundaries to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally responsible.


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Ar.Priyanshi Shah: What are some recent projects you’ve been working on?


Ar.Himanshu Suri: Recently, our engagements have extended to diverse industrial ventures, encompassing restoration, food and beverage, and commercial and residential initiatives. These range from pioneering the development of an egg grading facility to contributing to the start of the creation of Swagath, a prominent restaurant in northern India. Each project serves as a testament to our dedication to sustainable methodologies and modern design principles. Noteworthy instances include the creation of residential complexes and office spaces that prioritize natural light and ventilation, along with community projects that advocate for biodiversity.


Ar.Priyanshi Shah: Could you please elaborate on your distinctive design process by using Project Trellis Garden as an example? Walk us through the entire process, starting from initial research methods, material and texture selection, collaboration strategies, and any integration of cutting-edge technology.


Ar.Himanshu Suri: Beginning with extensive research on local flora, fauna, and climate, the project progressed through meticulous material selection, texture exploration, collaborative efforts with local craftsmen, and the seamless integration of the latest technological advancements for sustainability.


Ar.Priyanshi Shah: During all these years, how did your design philosophy evolve in terms of defining architectural language and how can it be defined in the exploration of the project Trellis Garden?

Ar.Himanshu Suri: Over the years, our design philosophy has undergone a transformative journey, shifting from a focus on aesthetics to a more comprehensive approach that takes into account the ecological impact of architectural endeavours. The project Trellis Garden stands as a benchmark, exemplifying this evolution by seamlessly blending contemporary design with ecological mindfulness. Trellis Garden, situated amidst the verdant landscapes of Mohali, Punjab, signifies a strategic evolution in design thinking. The concept was intricately woven around the existing Orchard and a Garden Arch, with meticulous care taken to preserve every tree, including the entwining creepers, during the construction process

Ar.Priyanshi Shah: In the project Trellis Garden, how is the integration and balance achieved between the external and internal scales?


Ar.Himanshu Suri: On the external scale, the landscape with a distinctive seating concept around the swimming pool with mounds, and the barn in its background, becomes an implicit design feature that creates a dramatic yet beautiful style delivering a completely different experience for every visitor. A sense of grandeur is produced by the project's scale in relationship to the site's area. Every tree including the creepers was left undisturbed during construction. The interiors flaunted (exhibited) with fluted wood panels, lavishly adorned crystal chandeliers lighting up the ballroom, and furniture bespoke from Jodhpur all uplifting the space with rustic finishes giving the impression of a barn.

Ar.Priyanshi Shah: How does your work on a variety of iconic projects incorporate and respond to the influences of the local climate and culture?

Ar.Himanshu Suri: We are deeply influenced by the local climate and culture. This integration is not just an aesthetic choice but a functional necessity, ensuring that buildings are adapted to their surroundings and contribute positively to the local community is the head start to the projects we build.


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Ar.Priyanshi Shah: Is there anything you can share to help the young generation understand the importance of designing ecologically?

Ar.Himanshu Suri: We would like to emphasize the importance of designing ecologically, especially for the younger generation. Sustainable practices contribute to environmental conservation and create healthier and more vibrant communities. We as a firm actively engage in educational initiatives like Expert Lectures in Architectural colleges to instill this awareness in aspiring architects.

Ar.Priyanshi Shah: As you look to the future, are there any ideas you think should be front and center in the minds of architects and designers?

Ar.Himanshu Suri: We look to the future, the vision is to continue pushing the boundaries of creating unique designs. We aspire to undertake projects that not only redefine architectural aesthetics. Looking to the future, we believe that architects and designers should prioritize regenerative design, circular economies, and sustainable technologies. These should form the foundation of projects, ensuring a positive impact on both the environment and society.



Firm Name: Architect Suri and Associates
Project Name: Trellis Garden 
Project Location: Punjab, India
Built up - Area: 21,848 Sq ft
Material: Pre-fab structure, Collapsible glass
Lead Designer: Ar.Himanshu Suri 
Photo Credits: Ar. Nakul Jain

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