Dine With Designers Ignites The Buzz In Tier-2 & -3 Cities


Building Material Reporter (BMR) takes regional route with 'Dine with Designers,' following the resounding success of Smartex 2023 New Delhi Edition.

Our inaugural event in Karnal, held on September 16, 2023, at the Noormahal Palace, marks the beginning of an exciting journey. This comes after the triumphant Smartex New Delhi Edition, which took place in February 2023 at the Pride Plaza Hotel, Aerocity in New Delhi.

Dine with Designers 2023 achieved remarkable success, drawing the participation of approximately 100 distinguished architects and designers, as well as other key industry stakeholders. Additionally, prominent brands like Gujarat Guardian, Haier, Simpolo Ceramics, Lovely Alumatter, Sakarni Plasters, VOX, and Astravernici seized the opportunity to unveil their latest products and solutions on the stage.


This event served as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and inspiration within the fields of architecture and design. The gathering brought together top national and international brands, renowned architects, designers, and consultants from across the region.

The occasion was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals such as Ar. Nitin Rawal, Ar. Pratibha Rawal, Ar. Puneet Narang, Ar. Poonam Sethi, Ar. Jatin Khurana, Ar. Pawan Lakra, Ar. Sanjeev Kumar, Ar. Meenakshi, Ar. Mohit Chhabra, Ar. Naveen Goyal, Ar. Dalip Khurana, Ar. Tarun Gaur, Ar. Vaibhav Gogra, Ar. Paras Dhingra, Ar. Manpreet Saggu, Ar. Bhupinder Singh, Ar. Raman Lamba, Ar. Gitesh Aghi, Ar. Sanjay Gupta, Ar. Niharika Arora, Ar. Khurram Ali, and Ar. Kavita Sharma, among others.

The success of Dine with Designers has ignited a buzz in the building industry, further solidifying our commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and inspiration in the realm of architecture and design.


The Objective
With a platform curated by professionals, for professionals, our primary goal is to make a substantial impact within the broader built community. Thus, we are expanding the reach of Dine with Designers to address the pressing needs on a regional level. This forum also served as a vital space for policymakers, businesses, and technocrats to gain valuable exposure and access crucial information through the sharing of relevant content by industry experts.


Key Highlights:

Eminent Attendees: The event drew a diverse and illustrious crowd of architects, designers, and industry stalwarts, featuring not only renowned architects but also promising newcomers in the design arena. This diversity infused the event with dynamic discussions and fertile networking opportunities.

Product Showcases: Seven renowned brands Gujarat Guardian, Haier, Simpolo Ceramics, Lovely Alumatter, Sakarni Plasters, VOX, and Astravernici unveiled their cutting-edge products, encompassing groundbreaking building materials and avant-garde interior design solutions. Attendees had the privilege of immersing themselves in these innovations, exploring new products displayed over there, and engaging in enlightening dialogues with the brand representatives. 


Enlightening Keynote: The conference showcased a distinguished keynote speaker Ar. Rahul Tyagi who imparted his profound insights and experiences in the architecture and design sphere. His presentation titled ‘Five Elements Of Design - Let’s Call It Green…Now!’ sparked captivating debates and offered invaluable perspectives on the future of architecture and design.

Networking Galore: The event facilitated extensive networking opportunities through dining and chit-chatting together in an informal setting. These interactions sowed the seeds for promising collaborations and partnerships, further enhancing the event's overall impact. 


Future Initiatives:
As we reflect on the triumph of the Dine with Designers, our gaze is already fixed on future initiatives. We are committed to perpetuating this platform, where visionaries, professionals, and brands converge to ignite innovation and nurture creativity in the architecture and design realm.


Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all the architects, designers, brands, speakers, sponsors, and attendees whose unwavering support and enthusiastic participation propelled this event to unparalleled heights. Your contributions were the lifeblood of this conference, and we eagerly anticipate your continued involvement in our future endeavours as we continue to elevate the landscape of architecture and design.

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