Smart Design Conclave & Awards brings India’s Creative Architectural Minds to Ranchi

An initiative by Building Material Reporter, Smart Design Conclave & Awards is a platform that is one of India’s most trusted media houses concerning building materials, design, architecture, interior design, and related industries. The event held on the evening of March 16 2024 at Ranchi’s top venue, BNR Chanakya, was organized in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Architecture, IIA Jharkhand chapter. 


The Smart Design Conclave & Awards (SmartEX) concluded with an exquisite blend of captivating discussions on architecture and design, accompanied by delectable culinary experiences. Participants engaged in interactive conversations, exchanging insights and perspectives that enriched the event. Memorable talks were complemented creating an atmosphere where creativity intertwined with delight, marking the successful culmination of SmartEX.


The architectural conclave & award show welcomed esteemed figures from the building, material, and construction sectors, adding to the industry's vibrancy and significance. Renowned stalwarts graced the event, contributing their expertise and enriching the gathering with their presence.


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Some of the prime attendees were Atul Saraf, Chairman, IIA (Jharkhand chapter); Sandeep Jha, Former Chairman & National Council Member, IIA; Ar Monica Khosla, Principal Architect, Kham Consultants, Kolkata and Ar Ritu & Ar Rajiv Chadda, Chadda & Associates, Ranchi. 


Architect Harsh Raj, the esteemed facilitator of the event, expressed immense delight upon receiving recognition. "The execution of the event was exceptional. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Team BMR & IIA for their outstanding efforts," Raj exclaimed with great joy.


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The event that brought all these great minds together, was recognized as an interactive event and is determined to become the driving force for that much-awaited paradigm shift in the country's architectural and design realm. BMR is diligently working towards the same cause and will continue to organize such events exploring tier 2 and 3 cities


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