Architect Harish Sharma, Anubhuti Architects

Ar. Harish Sharma

Ar. Harish Sharma, Anubhuti Architects


Different types of smartness can there be in a bathroom – technical, aesthetical, or functional. It depends upon the requirement of clients. Although customers are well aware of the developments taking place in technology, it’s also our responsibility to keep our clients updated about the latest inclusion in that league so that their requirements can be fulfilled. Market is flooded with a gamut of smart solutions. In today’s context, many smart products come with water saving properties so that joy of luxury bathroom must not be compromised while use of water should also be optimised. Various techniques are in trend like aeration, powder flow, bubble flow, etc. Bathroom today has emerged as the most personal space and are designed emphatically.

Talking of smart solutions and technology, Smartex--the coming conference and symposium on smart products and smart designs and emerging technologies--brings different renowned professionals   from architecture, interior designing, and product brands on a common platform, to create a roadmap for a smart future. I am happy to participate in it and am eagerly looking forward to working together with them.

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