Dona Alex, Co-Founder, Myspace Architects Reveals The True Meaning of Success For Women for #9RealWomen9RealStories

Journey As A Small Town Lady


It was a small town where I used to live with my family. So for me getting into a college which was like 600 500 kilometers away from my home was a huge thing but then I went to the hostel my parents were very supportive and took me to the hostel and we were in the hostel life which opened my eyes then we traveled a lot. I told to my parents I want to visit London and they denied it. It was then that I got admission there and told my parents about it. So, they were very supportive and they found some friends who were settled there and gave me all the possible opportunities to create a niche. All this got us the confidence to enter the industry and start the office. We started in a very small office initially it was very skeptical for us who will sit here and work, then we found it our skeptical notion was completely taken away by the capability that we saw in those young girls. They were so amazing that they were equally able to manage work in every way. I mean the world is changing. All the women are coming out strong and they are flourishing on all the platforms and we can see that strength that is going with the female community. I wish them all the very best. 


True Meaning of Success 


Success is about being happy in life and enjoying what you are doing. Every day you should feel like you have done something you are not happy and you don’t feel like every day should be a success for you. Every morning when you come to the office while working on projects, you should feel like the success you have done something in life. It is then that you are ultimately happy. For me, I truly enjoy the process and it’s also important that you should be sure about what you want to do. If there are some parameters to understand what is success or where you want to reach. You need to be sure what you want to do with your life or what makes you happy, you have to first need to understand what is that source of happiness, I was very sure from college that I wanted to do -- I want to do buildings, I want to have a firm. You can find different ways to get out of all the things that are stopping you, Somehow you find a way to come out of all that. We need much empowerment but it is not in the form of a “pink-toilet” or a “pink auto” or something that keeps us aside, but it is about having that equal opportunity and the fact that we can stand up for ourselves. So, that is what we need and we need equal platforms right from childhood if you are ending girl child and a boy child to the school yes, we need equal opportunity for them to play around, we need to give them equal freedom so they interact with people and they can go out and they can have that kind of exposure that we should be able to give them. So, this is a form of empowerment and this is what will give them that light, where they want to reach, where they want to be. If you are confined and are inside the home, then you are not getting the kind of exposure that you need to make up your mind to find out what you want to do and be sure about what you want to do in the future. So, that kind of equal opportunity is what we need to give to every girl child while they’re growing up. 


Excerpts from Team BMR’s conversation with Dona Alex, Co-Founder & COO, Myspace Architects