Best Do’s & Don'ts for the Kitchen Interior Design as Per Vastu

Kitchen Interior Design

The ancient Indian architectural science known as Vastu Shastra has been practiced for many years. In order to produce a harmonious and balanced environment that fosters physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, it highlights the significance of the positioning and orientation of various elements within a building. Previously, we have discussed the vastu tips for the living room. In this article, we'll talk about how to apply Vastu for kitchen interior design to make a space that's both practical and welcoming.


It's believed that the kitchen is the "heart" of the house because it's where all the cooking and fun happens. But, if a kitchen is not built well, it may end up being one of the least liked rooms in your house. BMR is ready to assist you in designing a home with kitchen interior design as per Vastu. 


Vastu for the kitchen interior design whether for a 2 BHK or 3 BHK offers insights into a number of factors, including the location of the kitchen, the way it faces, and the arrangement of the doors and windows. Also, it offers advice on Vastu for kitchen color schemes and equipment placement, including where to put the gas cylinder, refrigerator, and sink.


According to Vastu, the kitchen is the location where the food that feeds the home's occupants is prepared. We examine some Kitchen Vastu Shastra dos and don'ts for this important section of the home and determine the proper Kitchen Vastu Direction.


Kitchen Interior Design


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Where should we have the kitchen?

A question most frequently asked! A kitchen should be placed at the southeast corner of the home, according to Vastu. This direction is associated with the element of fire, which is essential for cooking. Avoid placing the kitchen in the northeast corner or northwest direction, as it is believed to bring bad luck and financial losses.


Kitchen Interior Design


Color is very important

One of the key areas, centers, or sources of energy for the entire house is the kitchen. Cooking in the kitchen can either be uplifting or calming depending on how the color combinations respond to the arrangement. The optimum kitchen colors are red to orange.


Kitchen Interior Design


Red to orange are the ideal color schemes for kitchens. Kitchen interior design as per Vastu can have colors like light blue, yellow, orange, red, or pink, or those that are warm and inviting, should be utilized in the kitchen. Dark hues like black, brown, or gray should be avoided because they can give off a melancholy vibe.


Kitchen lights can change the look

Lighting is very crucial in Vastu Shastra, especially when it comes to kitchen interior design. Both artificial and natural lighting should be used to properly illuminate the sides of the kitchen. For the kitchen to have a wholesome and upbeat ambiance, natural light is crucial. To allow for the most sunshine, install windows facing east or west. Employ LED lighting for artificial illumination that is warm, bright, and energy-efficient.


Kitchen Interior Design


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Position of the cooking hob 

According to Vastu, the cooking hob should be situated in the kitchen's Southeast corner of the kitchen. The major kitchen appliance, the hob, should be placed there because an L-shaped plan often uses the two adjacent walls for this purpose. The remaining countertop space can be used for cooking and food preparation. When it comes to U-shaped modular kitchens, you can opt to stick to the same pattern or make a few minor changes in accordance with your tastes and kitchen vastu.


Kitchen Interior Design


Do not ignore the ventilation

For the woman of the home or whoever cooks in the kitchen, poor ventilation in the kitchen might have serious health consequences.

According to vastu, the placement of the windows in the kitchen is vital to maintaining a positive atmosphere. To draw the air out, a suitable window or air outputs like exhaust fans or contemporary chimneys are necessary. The quality of the food improves with good light and air.


Kitchen Interior Design


According to kitchen interior design as per vastu, the optimal orientation for windows in the kitchen is to the east. The east can also be used to position an exhaust fan.


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The Vastu shastra holds that the design of a home can have an impact on how energies move about us. The energy flow is affected by everything, both living and nonliving, which is why it is crucial to follow Vastu principles to ensure positivity and eliminate any negative energies. The kitchen serves a vital role in the home. 


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