Light up Room Corners with Chandeliers by Beyond Designs


Beyond Designs is renowned for their elaborately designed luxury interiors and bespoke furniture and accessories. A collection of interior spaces unveiled by them illustrates the versatile employment of chandeliers to magically transform room corners.



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As proponents of maximal aesthetics, Beyond Designs celebrates the majesty of chandeliers in their interiors. But chandeliers for lighting don't always need to be hung in the middle of a room for maximum impact. They play an equally alluring role in elevating the beauty of a room while adorning the corners as well.



Hung on either sides of a sofa seating or the mantel or fireplace in a living room, they create stunning visuals. The captivating symmetry of chandeliers in lighting trends, for decorating both sides of a bed, is a sight to behold. Bring focus to a drab room corner with a bunch of lights or chandeliers and watch the room transform into a charming place.



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About the Brand


For the past 20 years, Beyond Designs has captured the residential designs narrative of creating highly individual & exquisitely finished projects, concentrating on residences, many of them for well-known personalities. Specializing in luxury interior design & decoration in New Delhi and across the world, renowned designers & entrepreneurs Sachin & Neha's iconic, neutral style has featured in high acclaimed journals. Their design philosophy is to keep it stylish yet effortless. Get inspired by the old-world charm to create a fusion, contemporary & timeless design.



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