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Nivasa is well-known for its expertise in bespoke furniture and lighting products. The brand offers two different interior design styles: Nivasa Classic and Nivasa Contemporary. Rohit Kapoor, an accountant by profession, is the creative force behind the Classic project, while Saba Kapoor, a Parsons and University of Arts London graduate, leads the Contemporary wing.


The designer duo's most recent residential project in Gurugram's posh DLF neighborhood is one to admire. This super luxurious two-story home, named Magnolias by Nivasa, spans 10,000 square feet and overlooks the beautiful landscape of the Aravali mountain range.


Project Brief


This house situated in Aravali range has been designed in keeping with design ethos of sustainability hence both the material and the color palette appears raw yet refined. Packed with custom touches and artisanal craftsmanship, our house boasts four defined spaces: double height foyer, double height terrace design, living room, and bar. A double height terrace is the heart of the house with every room opening to it. The double height foyer is one of the defined spaces in the house, packed with custom touches and artisanal craftsmanship. The decor is forever in flux-whether it is to reflect the change in season or design attitude.



Spatial Rendition


The double height foyer is adorned by a beautiful staircase. An intricate cast railing enhances the staircase- the captivating reflection of which is captured in an imposing 20-foot mirror. The double height lobby invites pools of natural light. It also has a fireplace which is enlivened with fresh blooms and birdcage mirrors. 


The dining and lounge have used natural wood and earthy materials throughout the house- from floor to furniture and fleshed them out with intricate details. Everything that shares a footprint in the house is thoughtfully worked into, hand-cut or hand-sawn and meticulously put together. The dining and lounge. During winters, this area morphs into a dining room. Wood and brass accents create a contemporary yet earthy vibe in the bar or family lounge.



Reviving timeless techniques with a new twist has been a mission of utmost importance. Refreshing hues of greens bring in pop of colour to the pristine white rooms. Floral upholstery & elaborate details bring back the yesteryear charm, the outcome being a space that spells opulence and comfort in the same breath.


This house has been designed in keeping with Nivasa’s design ethos of sustainability, thus the color palette appears raw yet refined. Indigenous materials and local craftsmanship have been celebrated throughout the house




While the overall theme of the house is contemporary, we have further aestheticized it through the contrasting interplay of minimalism and maximalism. Pleasing medley of dramatic accents, vintage elements & artisanal pieces, making it all seem like they have come together organically over the years. An eclectic corner in the terrace has achieved aesthetic dichotomy by using a minimal neutral palette and dramatic styling of oversized mirrors, sculptures, and art. Sumptuous finishes like that of muted and antiqued brass add accent to doors, sculptures, furniture, and chandeliers.



The living room is adorned by a bar, Packed with custom touches and artisanal craftsmanship, the house boasts four defined spaces and the bar is one of them. This conversation starter is carefully crafted to perfection & it reflects true design aesthetics. A solid hardwood bar with intricate carvings does just that. A beautiful corner in the living room. Vintage switches lend an air of old-world elegance into the mix. The diverse inventory of antiques, art, and artifacts we have collected over the years from our travels across India and abroad show up everywhere in the house.



In the living area, wooden bay windows, a brass double door and vignettes from various travels lend a charm of their own. Natural woody and earthy materials have been used throughout, from flooring and furniture to the intricate details seen in the decor, yet each section sees a variation in flooring and placement of furniture. This home is a blend of classic and contemporary-filled with antiques and character filled elements such as switchboards, artefacts.



The living room has a beautiful bay window overlooking the Golf course and Aravali range. While each of these areas has its own soul and spirit- we have used sliding doors to demarcate as well as to unify the spaces. One look at the home and you know it belongs to designers, it goes without saying that the decor is forever in flux- whether it is to reflect the change in season or design attitude. The wooden bay window area, the vertical volume of the terrace incorporates wooden paneling seducing the eye to roam all the way to the top.



The family believes that spaces can be multifunctional. This lounge double up as a dining room as it boasts a dining table that converts into a coffee table, thanks to an in-built mechanism.



About the Brand 


Set up by designers for connoisseurs of design- Nivasa specializes in luxury interiors, furniture, wardrobe, millwork, and lighting. At Nivasa, we believe that design is not just about walls, table and chairs- it's about the families that live and grow in beautiful homes. With the mission to ensure that every product is created to enhance and transform the lives of our client we have taken customization one step further to personalization- highlighting the human side of design and truly incorporating the needs and desires of our clients into their homes.


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