Make a Statement in Homes By Bringing Nature Indoors


IPIPL, a prominent Mumbai-based best luxury interior designer, known for creating bespoke, modern, and chic design concepts specialises in designing projects that bring nature indoors. Touted as one of India’s best luxury interior designers in residential and commercial zone, IPIPL designs beautifully blend style and luxury with comfort there by harmonizing interior spaces.



Incorporating greenery and plants in living spaces revitalizes landscape, ambiance, infusing freshness and tranquility. Strategically placed foliage adds depth and texture, creating visual interest. Beyond aesthetics in green ideas, plants purify air, promoting well-being. Whether through hanging planters, terrariums, or lush vertical gardens, indoor greens fosters a serene and inviting atmosphere, elevating the living experience.



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Explore miniature ecosystems in green ideas. These whimsical creations add a touch of whimsy and greenery to any room, creating captivating focal points that spark joy and imagination. Install vertical planters or green walls to make a bold statement and add texture to your space. These installations not only add texture but also redefine the concept of green design, transforming walls into living artworks that breathe life into your space.



Keep your interiors dynamic by refreshing your space with seasonal plants. From vibrant blooms to lush foliage, each season brings new energy and vibrancy, ensuring that your living environment remains ever-evolving and inspiring.


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Add visual interest and variation with plants boasting different leaf textures. From smooth and glossy to rough and textured, these plants create depth and dimension, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. Furthermore, infuse pops of colour into your interior design scheme with plants featuring colorful foliage and flowers. These vibrant additions not only enliven your space but also evoke feelings of joy and serenity, creating a truly uplifting atmosphere.



About the Brand


Amit and Preeti Porwal, founders of Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd (IPIPL), unveil a design journey that began in Mumbai two decades ago. Amit, a luminary, crafts transcendent interiors, while Preeti, a skilled stylist, transforms spaces. Their commitment to elevating living experiences is evident in IPIPL's versatile designs. Amit draws inspiration from clients' stories, crafting bespoke solutions. Beyond interiors, he leads in construction and furniture. Recent successes in Dubai foreshadow global expansion. Awards adorn his career, yet his team's passion is his true wealth. Celebrating two decades, Amit asserts his role as a compassionate artisan, shaping human experiences through design.



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