ALSTONE, INDIA and VMZINC, FRANCE Unite to redefine the cladding industry

ALSTONE - Building Material Reporter

‚ÄčAlstone, one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure laminate (HPL) & fire-rated aluminium composite panel (ACP), joined hands with VMZINC, France the world's largest zinc titanium rolled products and finished goods manufacturer in a recent event held in Delhi. The highlight of the evening was the product launch of Alstone Zinc Honeycomb Panels and Alstone Zinc Composite Panels. 


The event comprised a cross-section of the premier and most reputed architects from the country – who were avid participants in an animated panel discussion on fire-retardant materials and zinc & sustainability in the building and construction sector and the notable role of zinc in such materials.


The two conglomerates Alstone and VMZINC announced a ‘sustainable growth partnership’ to manufacture zinc composite panels and zinc honeycomb panels, which eventually evolves into one of the most prominent initiatives towards green metal being used in the Indian cladding industry. Zinc as a metal is eco-friendly due to its recyclability, longer life, and self-healing properties yet providing a beautiful aesthetician effect due to its naturally ever-changing appearance.


ALSTONE - Building Material Reporter


This alliance provides a wide range of products for exterior cladding with FR-grade safety standards for commercial, institutional, and residential requirements while taking care of the aesthetician effect. 


The alliance will combine Alstone’s metal composite panel manufacturing expertise with VMZINC's extensive access to the zinc value chain. The combination will create the largest and most credible partner for building material sectors and an ecosystem that embraces architects, urban planners, and city planners that are seeking a role in accelerating the longer-lasting building and cladding infrastructure sector. It will meet the enormous demand from governments, corporations, and investors and ensure adequate and long-term aesthetics and functionality in the metal composite sector – for all times ahead.


Speaking on the collaboration, Sumit Gupta, Managing Director, Alstone said, “We are proud to have collaborated with VMZINC- one of the world’s leading Zinc titanium players, and join hands to lead this initiative. This alliance will not only offer revolutionary cladding products to Indian consumers but also will take care of the environment & sustainable future.”


ALSTONE - Building Material Reporter


He further added, “We understand participants at various climate conferences globally – including India have declared their intention to decrease the carbon footprint globally, and it is a great responsibility for us to lead such an initiative. We have been early backers of the renewables building material market, and in terms of capacity enhancement – all along and it is clear to us that zinc is going to take a similar trajectory.”


He is confident that this collaborative partnership is exactly in line with how Alstone has operated so far. “We are confident that the partnership will be able to play a leading role in accelerating the building and cladding scale-up needed to decarbonize our economies. And most importantly - lending a hand to renewable and recyclable building materials and going the extra mile in the process of nation building.”


ALSTONE - Building Material Reporter


According to Judith Juando Ribe, VMZINC, France, Alstone is a trusted brand in the market for the last 20 years. “We are building upon the equity that our customers have come to expect from us – building upon the legacy of zinc from VMZINC and Alstone’s metal composite expertise and quality – will work wonders in the Indian, regional and global market, in the times ahead. We are truly invested in this partnership and confident of doing well and doing good.


Sumit Sahay, General Manager, VMZINC, opined that with strong industrial expertise at its core, the joint venture will have a unique capacity to scale up the manufacture of Zinc honeycomb and Zinc composite panels. “Together with Alstone, and the ambitious backing of VMZINC's zinc sheet metal excellence, global reach, and networks, we are well-placed to do this, combining a unique skill set and track record.”


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