Merino MR+ Laminates: Where Beauty Meets Durability

Merino BMR

Merino, India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure decorative laminates is elated to introduce the toughest laminate range, MR+ Tuff Gloss. The name itself reflects the properties of this beautifully strong product range that adds a layer of lustre and sheen to the interiors. This spectacular range of super gloss laminates offers a high level of resistance to scuff, mar (micro scratches), and abrasions, maintaining four times longer shine than any other laminate.

MR+, the rich in sheen and highly decorative laminate can be applied on varied surfaces ranging from Almirahs, Cabinets, and Wall Panels to Premium Tops, Kitchen Cabinets, and Dining Table. The Tuff-Gloss MR+ surfaces are manufactured using a distinct technology to protect the laminate from scuff and mar. A layer with selected Kraft Paper is treated with a special grade of Phenolic Resin, followed by a decorative layer that has Melamine Resin, for an aesthetic look that is strong within. Then, a special abrasive layer having aluminum oxide particles is added to protect the laminate further from extreme scuff and mar, giving 3-4 times better resistance power than regular laminates. The degree of glossiness in MR+ is protected 4 times longer as compared to normal high-gloss laminates. The Mar grade overlay paper used in Tuff Gloss is a high-grade anti-abrasion layer that uses special technology to protect the laminate from Scuff and Mar. Tuff Gloss MR+ is highly protected against scuffs from everyday use and is also heat resistant, therefore, becoming an ideal choice for challenging areas like the kitchen and kid's room. It is absolutely safe to use in the kitchen because of its non-toxic and non-porous properties.


Merino BMR

The Tuff Gloss MR+ has 65+ variations in Solids, Woodgrains, Marble, and Stones textures.  The patterns used in MR+ resemble Stones, Marbles, Oxide Metal, and Abstract. The woodgrains have SKU designs displaying horizontal lines, vertical lines, and prominent, minimal wood structures. There is no dearth of color options in solids with Blue, Yellow, Brown, Red, Black, Grey, White, Pastel Green, Pink, Green, Orange, Pastel Beige and Pastel Blue. Merino also provides all UNI+ properties in MR+ that help to provide edgeless color finishing in high mar resistance stuff.

Advantages of Tuff Gloss MR+


  • Gloss Level - The Gloss meter reading of MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate is over 110 when measured at 60° angle, whereas other gloss laminates have an 80-gloss meter reading when assessed at a 60° angle.
  • Retains Luster Longer - Gloss retention is >95% while for other products in the market it is around 90-92% 
  • Excellent Mar Resistance – MR + Tuff Gloss Technology gives excellent mar resistance maintaining the gloss level three times longer than ordinary High Gloss laminate. Lab results show 95% gloss retention after being scrubbed with calibration as defined by ASTM D 6037 – 96 (2008).
  • Abrasion Resistant – MR+ Tuff Gloss Technology gives 2 to 3 times better abrasion resistance than ordinary high gloss laminate.
  • Impact Resistant – Special top layer and builds up to give better impact resistance, thereby protecting the surface from falling objects.
  • Highly Decorative – Wide range of attractive solid colours, wood grains & design patterns to choose from.
  • Resistant to Heat – It Can withstand a temperature of 180° C, making it ideal for use in kitchen applications.
  • Stain Resistant – MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate is resistant to stain and shows better results than other high gloss laminates.

The Tuff Gloss MR+, one of the highest-selling products from the brand Merino, has been curated majorly for premium furniture manufacturers and kitchen fabricators and has a global presence in 80+ countries.


Merino BMR

Merino follows a sustainable process and adheres to the values of circular economy in multiple methods of manufacturing its products. The brand also makes sure to recycle its in-house wastes and convert them into value-added products. Taking a step further, Merino has collaborated with academic & other apex institutes like VNIT, IIT, TERI, IARI, etc., to achieve innovative processes & products under environmental and circular economy goals.


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