Nippon Paint Enters the E-commerce Segment


Nippon Paint India (Decorative) has joined JioMart, Amazon, and Flipkart in the e-commerce space. Recently, the company launched a large selection of more than 8,000 ornamental paint products for sale on these channels.


With just a few clicks and elevating  paint industry growth in India, customers will now be able to effortlessly purchase Nippon Paint products on these top online retailer platforms. There are more than 600 different shades of supplies available on the internet.


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Wall paints are shipped in specially made packaging that protects the product during transportation in order to prevent leaks. Nippon Paint hopes to fulfill customer orders throughout India in a single day by cultivating strong relationships with e-commerce partners.


Indian consumers who want to improve their homes and lifestyles with cutting-edge technology and paint products that are practical and useful have always been drawn to Nippon Paint. These consist of Sumo Xtra Dust shield, Weatherbond Pro, Matex EZ wash, and Aircare VG.


Nippon Paint, which recently ventured into the 12,500 crore "Beyond Paint" category, has also launched its DIY line on the internet.




Mahesh Anand, president, Nippon Paint India (Decorative Division), said, “Through our collaboration with these platforms, customers can anticipate a consistent standard of excellence in both quality and customer service, aligning with the renowned reputation of Nippon Paint. Our extensive paint color palette is seamlessly integrated into Amazon’s paint finder tool, empowering customers to effortlessly select the perfect hues for their homes.”


The company stated that more than 600 interior and exterior paint shades, primers and undercoats, wood and metal paints, paint sprayers, multipurpose lubricants, and craft supplies are available on its website.


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The success of the paint industry is directly related to the nation's strong economy, which has proven to be exceptionally strong in spite of difficult international conditions. India's growth narrative is taking shape, and this presents an opportunity for the paints industry to grow. The demand for paints and related products is rising due to a positive outlook supported by factors like fast urbanization, growing infrastructure, the PMAY government initiatives, the automotive industry's recovery, and changing consumer lifestyle preferences.


Although the paint industry has historically been associated with conventional methods of color mixing and application, technology is currently transforming this ancient industry. The painting industry is changing due to new paint formulations and creative application techniques. With advancements in manufacturing techniques, design, and application trends, homeowners can now search for paints that offer benefits beyond aesthetics for their homes. For as long as the paint is applied, surfaces can remain clean thanks to carefully chosen formulations developed by researchers that can repel any kind of disposition. In India, this technology has not yet been made available for purchase. Paints and coatings are among the advanced materials and chemistry sectors where big digital themes have been found.


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In order to enhance customer interactions, paints and related companies are also placing significant bets on the introduction of digitally enabled products and new business models. This has aided in the generation of a lot of data, facilitating cooperation and the sharing of statistics throughout the paint industry's value chain and various verticals. In fact, you can give your smart home a whole new meaning by painting any wall with AI-powered tools that turn it into a touchscreen.


In order to preserve both human and environmental wellbeing, the paint industry in India is focusing on implementing sustainable components, stepping up research-backed advancements, and tightening quality control. Paints are achieving lower volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, and waste reduction and biodegradability are receiving more attention, considering the paint industry's future in India. 


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