REHAU Celebrates 25 Years in India

REHAU, a global leader in polymer-based solutions, was founded in Germany in the year 1948. The brand started its Indian operations in 1997 and is celebrating its silver jubilee year in India. REHAU has made a significant mark in Indian furniture, construction and industrial markets over the last 25 years. Acknowledged as a spearhead in German-quality uPVC Edge bands, solid surface, pre-laminated boards, laminates, flooring, underfloor heating and cooling solutions, 3rdrail solutions, REHAU has become one of the top providers in the market and has a well-expanded product portfolio.

REHAU’s areas of operation encompass of a flexible product portfolio:


  • Furniture Solution (FS) - Offers a wide range of Edge bands, modern surfaces, laminates, floorings and ceiling solutions in interiors and fully fabricated custom-made components for millwork and cabinetry etc.
  • Industrial Solution (IS): Includes aerospace technology to 3rd rail solutions, commercial refrigeration, smart shopping, energy efficiency solutions and thermal insulation solutions etc. 
  • Building Solutions (BS) - Includes plumbing & drainage systems solutions for hygiene drinking water and indoor climate control technologies used in housing, commercial buildings and infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient supply. Apart from these, REHAU is also into radiant heating and cooling systems which helps to distribute energy uniformly and efficiently by circulating heated or chilled water through a network of pipes installed in floors, walls or ceilings. 

REHAU also provides wastewater management solutions for specialized projects.

In India, REHAU has been manufacturing premium furniture edge bands which are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, heat-resistant & DOP-free (Di-octyl-phthalate). The edge bands have varied texture, design and color, thus, making the product sturdy, durable and with end-less options to choose from. 

REHAU has always sought to create new formulations that expand the application of polymer materials. The ideology of the Brand is to replace conventional materials with more capable polymer solutions and to create system that generate added value for their customers. By remaining focused on the growing importance of quality, efficiency, REHAU, as a responsible brand, constantly innovates to best of its efforts in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water management, mobility and smart living for a sustainable future.  

In the last 25 years, REHAU has built three plants and multiple warehouses in the country. The company has two plants in Pune, producing edge bands, gaskets as well as various other profiles for the industrial solutions. The third plant in Vadodara manufactures edge bands exclusively.

Celebrating REHAU’s 25 years journey in India, Ms. Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director, REHAU South Asia says, “At REHAU, we are extremely proud of having completed a beautiful journey of 25 years in the country. I would like to congratulate and also express my gratitude to all our employees, the trade community, design fraternity, project owners and all other partners who have shown support throughout these years. We have left no stone unturned in consistently delivering our core values of Trust, Innovation and Reliability to each of our stakeholders.  REHAU brought in the German technology to India in 1997 and with each passing year, the company has focused on pushing the frontiers of technology for the market, in order to further strengthen REHAU’s vision of a sustainable future.”

REHAU has added some huge names in its clientele base as it celebrates 25 years in the country. In 2015, REHAU built its second plant in Pune in Ranjangaon, very close to Whirlpool, to fulfil their global gasket requirement. In the segment of underfloor heating and cooling solutions, REHAU has done campuses for Infosys which are all platinum rated green building. The brands like Jockey and Titan have their retail outlets in Mumbai equipped with REHAU Brilliant laminates and its Brilliant boards have been installed in Morgan Stanley’s Mumbai office. REHAU also provides maximum range of matching edge bands to all the laminates manufacturers in the country like Merino, Greenlam, etc.


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