The World's Largest Elevator Is Crafted with the World's Best-Made in India Interior Solutions

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Forms +Surfaces has proudly beautified the World’s largest passenger Elevator Interiors. The Jio Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai has the World’s Largest Passenger elevator. The elevator comes with a plate area of 25.78sq. mtrs, like a massive room, and an awesome capacity of 210 passengers. The primary elevator with a mild steel cabin structure was supplied by KONE.


The initial sketch of the World’s largest passenger elevator was showcased in October 2018, replicating the Lotus theme central to the Jio World Centre decor. 


Surfaces BMR


The Forms + Surfaces team is passionate about working on path-breaking projects that come with challenges, as without them, there wouldn’t be any innovation or creativity. The Forms +Surface team was aware of this landmark project’s safety challenges, hence, a core team was formed to coordinate with the various cross-functional stakeholders of this project internally and externally. The multi-talented Forms +Surfaces India team worked further on engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing.


The enormous elevator ceiling design had a custom-made crystal-studded luminaire in a lotus silhouette made from F+S fused gold sheet which was also the central attraction of this elevator. Its prismatic design catches the attention of the onlookers who embrace pared-back embellishments. The two walls of the elevator depicting a lotus leaf lattice design give an all-around scenic view; these walls are made on F+S fused white gold mirror sheets. 



Ashish Maheshwari, Managing Director for Forms+Surfaces India, said: "This was a very challenging project as it involved custom manufacturing and comprehensive project management. The F+S global engineering and manufacturing teams helped us a lot, and the India team put in their finest efforts during the project's planning, engineering, manufacturing, and installation phases. The project team spent numerous hours installing the complex ceiling and wall panels. Overall the job was a landmark moment for the India team, and we received many congratulatory messages after this stupendous execution. This wouldn't have been possible without exemplary team efforts."


The Forms +Surfaces offers state-of-the-art custom-built solutions for such a demanding and unusual project. The end result is an unparalleled perfect blend of engineering, art, and architecture! 


Surfaces BMR


What made it possible to build the World’s largest passenger elevator? A vision, an idea that something like this is possible. And a passionate team that believes in the idea. When the idea first cropped up, the team got extremely excited! Now, there was a challenge that how they would get the team to think out-of-the-box, innovate, and push boundaries.


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